You start the mission with an interactive scene. Press the appropriate buttons to go through the scene. When you’re in the air you will guide a team on the ground using your radio and a screen. You can zoom in, out, move the camera around, and select a location with A(360)/X(PS3) for them to move to. Guide them up the road and into a safe house North/East. Control will switch to the men in the house. You will have an AUG w/silencer and ACOG, M1911 with silencer, 4 flashbangs, and 4 grenades. Kill the enemies coming into the house. Once the house is clear, control will switch back to the man in the sky.

Guide your men out of the back of the house – North. Order them to kill the men to the East, then move to the objective markers. More men will walk pass them, order them to stop by pressing B(360)/Circle (PS3). When the enemies pass your men by you can order them to move onto the barracks. Control will switch back to the men to clear out the rooms. When the rooms are clear you can find the next Intel. Turn around and look on a desk to find it.


Enter the next room and plant semtex on the com link. Control will switch back to the man in the sky. Move the men North. You will earn an achievement/trophy here if all of your men survived.

A cutscene will play. Control will be back on the ground. You now have a crossbow with variable zoom and the same AUG. Wait for the enemy to pass before you move. Follow your team a few steps ahead and drop when they tell you to drop. Move on and hook up to rappel into the stations. Click one trigger to rappel and the other trigger to break. You will need to break a few times or you will fall to your death. Rappel into the stations and clear the rooms.

Follow your team down the mountain to find a large group of enemies. Use stealth here to earn an achievement/trophy. If you take out everyone without being detected you will earn the achievement/trophy. Use your crossbow to take out a few enemies long range like a sniper rifle. Do not use your explosive tip ammo unless the enemies know you’re around. If there are multiple enemies near each other your team mates will help you take the other down.

Enter the comstat room and eliminate everyone inside. No need to be stealthy here. You can use your explosive tip ammo. Remember, you will unlock an achievement/trophy for killing 30 men with explosive tip ammo throughout the campaign. Before you head down stairs, enter the room that 3 men just came out of. Inside is some Intel.


Clear out the room and disable the comstat.

Move outside for a small scene. Stick with your team or you will “die.” The game will tell you to stick with your team and restart you from a checkpoint. Keep running from the avalanche and jump off the cliff at the end. Deploy your parachute to land on the ground outside a factory. Your objective is to infiltrate the Nova 6 facility. No need to use stealth here.

Kill all men and move into the building. Watch out for the machine gun at the end of the road. Stick to the side of the right wall to get into the building. Fight through the rooms to enter a room rigged with explosives. You will hear a little dialogue when you enter the middle room. A 3 minute timer will appear on the screen after the dialogue, escape the building before it blows. The final Intel in this mission is in the explosive room on one of the tables. Use the picture for help:


Men will be outside along with a machine gun. Kill everyone and escape yamantau facility. Run to the machine gun and kill everyone around to finish the mission.

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