The mission starts with you in a gunship. You have complete control over the driving and weapons. Clear the deck of the Rusalka for your team to land. Your team will move through the ship while you’re still in the air. Continue to clear the deck for them to move forward.

Eventually an enemy Hind will appear. Destroy the Hind and your gunship will be crippled. Fly over to the landing zone to get on the Rusalka. Your weapons will be a FAMAS w/Reflex Sight and dual mags, MAC11 w/Red Dot, 4 flashbangs, and 4 frag grenades. Move up with your team, but don’t stay out in the open. Not far down the deck you’ll find Valkyrie rockets. Two hinds are above you. Take both of them out with one rocket to earn another achievement/trophy. To do this you must wait for the Hinds to get close to each other. Fire the rocket and detonate it between both of the hinds in mid air. Right next to the valkyrie rockets is a cargo crate. Look on the floor to the right of the crate to find Intel.

call_of_duty_black_ops_mission14_1 call_of_duty_black_ops_mission14_2

With the helicopters down your next step is to go South to the other end of the ship. There will be enemies on the deck and upper bridges of the ship. Follow the in game markers to find your below deck. Go down some stairs to reach close quarter locker rooms. I think the MAC11 is best used here. After the locker room is another room with three men inside, if you need to you can use your flashbangs. Under the desk is Intel.


Exit the room to find the room Weaver is in. Your objective is to neutralize all threats. You have the option to go up high or down low. Rendezvous with your team when the room is clear. A cutscene will play.

After the scene you will be underwater. Swim to the Numbers Station. Inside you will find a few more weapons, mostly the Galil. Your team will open the door to another room full of men. They will be on the cat walks, the ground, and coming through the doors. Push up with your team, take cover, and kill everyone. At the end of the room you’ll find a heavily armored soldier. Aim for the head to take him down quickly. The door that leads out of the room and into a staircase has one man up the stairs. Take him out to get a checkpoint and move on. More men are at the top of the stairs. Enter the next room, it will flood immediately. Swim to the cat walk to continue on. Before entering the next door you can follow the cat walk to a dead end. At the dead end is an AK74u with reflex scope and grenade launcher.

Enter the door to find more men in a confined hall way. Follow the hall way to reach a ladder. Up the ladder you’ll find tons of weapons with different attachments. Do not let your guard down, there are still a few men around each corner. Follow the objective markers and fight your way through the rooms. You will find some heavily armored men around here. Walk up a set of stairs to the last objective near a map of the USA. When you see the room in the picture below you can find the very last bit of Intel. It is under the left desk on the floor.


Reach the console for an interactive cutscene which ends the game.