Call of Duty: Black Ops Guide



The Special weapons do not use attachments.

Ballistic Knife
Unlocked at level 15.
Purchase for C1500
Single Shot Knife + 1 Extra Knife.
A special weapon that shoots knives. The knives will kill in one shot if you can hit the enemy. The reticule is extremely small and inaccurate. You can also melee with the weapon for a one hit kill. You are given 2 knives. After you fire the knives you can pick them back up. Takes 1.3 seconds to reload.

Unlocked at Level 33.
Purchase for C2000.
Single Shot Crossbow. 1 Bolt + 1 Extra. 4 Extra (instead of 1) with Scavenger Pro. 4 Bolts Total in Sticks and Stones.
Fires Explosive Tip Bolts that explode after about 1.5 seconds. Takes 2.8 seconds to reload. The explosive bolts take 2 seconds to explode. 75-200 Damage with a 4 Meter Blast Radius. The direct impact of the bolt can kill in one shot on hardcore, but not core. Unlike all other guns in this game, the crossbow’s bolt will drop after a short distance. Aim high to make up for the drop.