Call of Duty: Black Ops Guide


Verruckt (German for Crazy) is the second Map featured in Call of Duty World at War. It can be found in the Hardened and Prestige Editions of Call of Duty Black Ops, or in the Rezurrection Content Pack.

This map takes place near Berlin, Germany at the Wittenau Sanatorium on September 1945. It’s a large, two floor, squared shaped building that connects into a circle. It is one of the secret Nazi locations that was used for testing secret Nazi technology. Verruckt is the first map to include Power and Perk-A-Colas. You and your team must get to the power room at the other end of the building and turn on the power. Once the power is activated, Perk-A-Colas will be available and a door will open at the start which separated the two sides of the map. Two players will start out on one side and two players will start out on the other side. If you’re playing solo, you can restart until you end up on the side you like.

There is no Pack-A-Punch on this map.

Mystery Box

The Mystery Box is in the same room as the Power Switch. Unlike Nacht Der Untoten, the Mystery Box will move to a new location after you and your team uses it a set amount of times. Visit the Mystery Box page for a list of all weapons in the Mystery Box. The Special Weapons for Verruckt are:

Ray Gun
Monkey Bomb
Winter’s Howl


Quick Revive
Speed Cola
Double Tap Root Beer


M1 Garand
BAR w/Bipod
Double Barreled Shotgun
M1897 Trench Gun
Bouncing Betty
Sawed off Shotgun w/Grip
Gewehr 43

The power also activates special Traps set around the map. The Electric Barriers will kill anything that touches them while activated. The kills will not award you any points. The Traps cost 1000 Points to activate, lasts 30 seconds, and has a 90 second cool down period.

Easter Eggs

This video shows you various small Easter Eggs – mainly visual ones – throughout the Zombie map Verruckt. The video starts with an audio Easter Egg you can hear in the Power Room.

The Musical Easter Egg is probably the main part of this video. Press the activate button on the toilet three times to get it to play. The activate button is X (Xbox 360), Square (PS3), or F (PC). The Musical Easter Egg is called “Lullaby For a Dead Man.” It’s sung by Elena Siegman and composed by Kevin Sherwood.