Call of Duty: Black Ops Guide


You can choose one attachment for primary and one attachment for secondary weapons to customize your weapon. If you have the warlord perk you can use two attachments on your primary weapons. Some attachments cannot be used together with the warlord perk. The perk doesn’t work with any of the under barrel attachments – flamethrower, grenade launcher, masterkey. You cannot use any two sights together either such as the red dot and infrared scope.

All attachments are unlocked once you purchase the gun. Each gun can only use certain attachments which I listed in the weapons section.


Use this image to compare the zooms of the other weapon sights.

Upgraded Iron Sights


Used on pistols. Adds glowing dots on the irons sights to see the sights in the dark.

Red Dot Sight

Replaces the default iron sights with a red dot sight. There are two version, a circular one and a square one. The circle version is default for most weapons. The square version is found on the AK74u, AK47, and RPK.



Replaces the default iron sights with a reflex sight. Similar to the red dot sight, but in a scope form.

ACOG Scope

Replaces the default iron sights with an ACOG (Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight) Scope. Gives more zoom than the iron, red dot, and reflex sights. There are three different versions of ACOG scopes. There is a crosshair version which is used on:


There is a circle and dot version which is used on:


And there is another version which is known as a SUSAT Scope. This version is used on:


Sniper Scope

Dragunov Scope / WA2000 Scope
L96A1 Scope / PSG1 Scope
The default scope on all 4 sniper rifles. Gives more zoom than the ACOG Scope. There is noticeable sway when using the sniper scope. The sniper scope gives the option to hold your breathe to steady the scope. Each of the four scopes are different from each other. The design on the WA2000 is the same for the G11’s Variable Zoom scope.

Low Power Scope


A special scope on the G11. Gives about a little more zoom than the ACOG Scope. Has idle sway, but you cannot hold your breath to steady.

Variable Zoom

Variable Zoom is similar to the Sniper Scope. The difference is the ability to zoom in two distances other than the default distance. Zoom in by pressing a certain button. The first zoom is a shorter distance than the sniper scope, the second zoom is the same distances as the sniper scope, the third zoom is a further distance than the sniper scope. Just like the sniper scope, there is noticeable sway. You have the option to hold your breath to steady the scope.

Infrared Scope

The Infrared Scope is a special scope that allows you to see enemies in bad visual conditions. It has the same zoom as the sniper scope. Just like the sniper scope, there is noticeable sway. You have the option to hold your breath to steady the scope. Enemies come up white while friendlies flash white. There are two versions of the Infrared Scope. Most guns have the regular version. The second version is used on the AK47, RPK, and Dragunov.


The suppressor is an attachment that keeps your gun quiet, takes away muzzle flash, keeps you off the radar as long as there is no spy plane above, and reduces the range of your weapon. If used on sniper rifles it will lower the damage of each bullet.

Grenade Launcher

There are three different types of grenade launchers in black ops. The majority of weapons use the M203, the AK-47 uses the GP-25, and the AK74u uses the GSN-19. All the grenade launchers perform the same, but they may look and reload differently.

The grenade launcher is an underbarrel attachment. It shoots 2 40MM Grenades, one at a time. The grenade must travel a 9.5 Meters or it will not explode. If you hit someone directly on with a 40MM grenade and it doesn’t explode, it will still kill the enemy with direct impact. If you fire a grenade launcher within the first 15 seconds of the match, they will not kill but they will take away your 40MM Grenade.
25-150 Damage with a 7.5 Meter Blast Radius


Holds 4 Rounds +8 Extra.
The Masterkey is an underbarrel shotgun attachment. It shoots shotgun shells with 8 pellets in each shell, just like the other shotguns. The pump action shotgun holds 4 rounds at a time with 12 rounds extra.
10-30 Damage with an 8X Multiplier.
128 RPM.


The flamethrower is an underbarrel attachment. It shoot flames with a short range. The flamethrower has 100 “rounds” of fuel with 100 extra. It takes roughly 2.75 seconds to use all fuel. It kills with two hits which takes around 20 fuel. The flamethrower can reach around 9 meters.

Extended Mag

Extended Mags function the same as regular magazines. They give more ammo per magazine, depending on the gun, but do not add more ammo total. If your gun has 10 rounds per mag and 20 rounds extra, upgrade to an extended mag with 20 rounds per mag but only 10 rounds extra. The HK21 and RPK call the extended mag the “Drum Mag.” Not only is the name different but the appearance is different. When the M60 uses the Extended Mag, it is called “Big Ammo.”

Dual Mags

Dual Mags are two magazines tapped to eachother. They give quicker reload time for every other magazine. The reload time for the first magazine will be half the time of the second. The third will be half again. You also start out with one extra magazine of ammo. If the default ammo is 30 rounds + 90 extra, you will have 30 rounds + 120 extra with dual mags.

Rapid Fire

Rapid Fire increases the fire rate of SMGs by about 33%.

Full Auto Upgrade

Upgrades the CZ75 from Semi-Automatic to Fully-Automatic.

Snub Nose

The Snub Nose gives more accuracy but less damage to the Python.

Speed Reloader

The speed reloader is an attachment for the Python that holds all 6 rounds together. This reloads all 6 rounds at once instead of 1 round at a time.

Dual Wield

Dual Wield Attachment allows you to hold two of the same weapon at a time. Since you have two guns you will have twice the ammo. You will not be able to aim down the sights of either gun and your crosshair will be a lot bigger than usual.


The grip is an attachment that reduces recoil and makes the crosshair on your gun smaller for more accuracy. Many of the grips on SMGs look like a folding stock, yet they’re still called grips. However, the PM63 calls the grip a folding stock. The AK74u is the only SMG that looks like it has a grip.