Pokemon Red and Blue Walkthrough


Each Pokemon is made up of one or two elemental types. Furthermore, each attack in the game is made up of one type, which then determines if it’s a physical or special attack and uses the Special or Attack stat.

  • Physical Types: Bug, Fighting, Flying, Ghost, Ground, Normal, Poison, Rock.
  • Special Types: Dragon, Electric, Fire, Grass, Ice, Psychic, Water.

These types may be weak, strong, or immune to other types in the game. For example, fire-type attacks do double damage to grass type-Pokemon. If a fire-type Pokemon uses a fire-type attack, it will get an additional 50% boost in power. However, using a fire-type attack on a water-type Pokemon will only cause half the damage it would normally do. Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow feature a total of fifteen different types. Their attributes are listed below. Offense is when you’re attacking. Defense is when you’re getting attacks.