Pokemon Red and Blue Walkthrough

Saffron City

Saffron City is the largest town in Kanto, and is at the literal center of the region. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to access this city until you reach Celadon City. Purchase a drink from one of the vending machines at the top of the Department Store, then talk to one of the guards at Saffron City’s gates to gain entrance.

The first time you reach Saffron City, you might notice Team Rocket blocking a lot of buildings. They’ll remain here until you defeat Team Rocket at their HQ in Celadon and at Pokemon Tower in Lavender Town.

Pokemon Center

The Pokemon Center is located at the far southwest side of the city. Rest up here to instantly return to this building if your team is defeated.

Mr. Psychic

Travel east along the road from the Pokemon Center until you reach a house you can enter. Inside is Mr. Psychic. Speak with him to obtain TM29 Psychic.

Poke Mart

Follow the road to the north past the first street. The Poke Mart is located on the second street, around the east-central part of town.

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Copycat’s House

Travel to the house at the northwest corner of town next. Inside is a little girl who likes to mimic people, which earned her the name Copycat. If you bring her a Poke Doll from Celadon City’s Department Store, she’ll give you TM31 Copycat. This move copies and uses the last ability the opponent used in battle.

Saffron City Fighting Gym

Saffron City actually has two Pokemon Gyms located at the northeast part of town, but only one will give you an official Pokemon League Badge. The smaller building on the left was the former Saffron City Gym. The Trainers here specliaze in fighting-type Pokemon. Defeat the Karate Master in the back of the gym to receive one of two very rare fighting-type Pokemon! Psychic-type Pokemon can wipe out fighting-types with no problem. If you captured a ghost-type Pokemon from Lavender town, you can teach it Psychic using the TM from earlier, and it’ll be immune to all normal and fighting-type attacks! Flying-type attacks are also super effective against fighting-types.

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After the battle, you can choose between Hitmonlee or Hitmonchan. Hitmonlee has higher attack (and a slight speed boost), but Hitmonchan has better defense. Hitmonlee only specializes in normal and fighting-type attacks, but Hitmonchan can learn various elemental punches; however, his Special stat is terrible.