Pokemon Red and Blue Walkthrough

Trading Pokemon

Behind catching, trading Pokemon is one of the biggest things in the Pokemon franchise. Trainers can trade any Pokemon to their friends using a link cable with the original Pokemon RBY or using WiFi with the 3DS Virtual Console release of Pokemon RBY.

Traded Pokemon grow much faster than Pokemon caught within the same game. This is both good and bad. If a Pokemon grows too quickly and you don’t have enough badges, the Pokemon will disobey you. It may use a different attack or not attack at all!

In-Game Trades

In addition to regular trading, a handful of Pokemon can be traded with non player characters within the game. These Pokemon and their locations are listed below.

Your Pokemon Their Pokemon Location
Poliwhirl Jynx Cerulean City, west of the Pokemon Center.
Spearow Farfetch’d Vermilion City, west of the Poke Mart.
Abra Mr. Mime Route 2, east side beyond the cut-able trees.
Nidoran ♂ Nidoran ♀ Route 5, Underground Passage.
Nidorino Nidorina Route 11, second floor of the route house.
Slowbro Lickitung Route 18, second floor of the route house.
Ponyta Seel Cinnabar Island, inside the laboratory.
Raichu Electrode Cinnabar Island, inside the laboratory.
Venonat Tangela Cinnabar Island, inside the laboratory.

Version Exclusive Pokemon

Some Pokemon can only be found in select versions. The only way to get all 151 Pokemon is to trade with a friend. If you own Red, you’ll need a friend with Blue. If you own Blue, you’ll need a friend with Red.

Red Blue
Ekans Sandshrew
Arbok Sandslash
Oddish Vulpix
Gloom Ninetales
Vileplume Meowth
Mankey Persian
Primeape Bellsprout
Growlithe Weepinbell
Arcanine Victreebel
Scyther Magmar
Electabuzz Pinsir