Pokemon Red and Blue Walkthrough

Rocket Game Corner

So you’ve discovered the secret of the Rocket Game Corner. It’s actually a front for Team Rocket! Speak with the man looking at the poster in the back of the Game Corner to begin a Pokemon battle.

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After the battle, investigate the poster to find a secret switch. Press this switch to reveal a hidden staircase to the right. There are actually four floors underground!

Basement 1F

Two Rockets can be found near the staircase. Battle the one to the west first.

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South of the previous rocket is an Escape Rope. These can be handy if you get stuck somewhere in the Game Corner and need a quick escape back to the Pokemon Center.

In the middle of this floor are two rows of potted plants. Investigate the pot on the bottom right to find a hidden PP Up.

Battle the Rocket to the east next. He will be guarding a locked room, but it’s best to battle him now when your team is near the exit instead of waiting until your team is on its last legs.

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Return to the staircase at the north side of the floor. Take the staircase on the right to descend further down into the Game Corner.

Basement 2F

Walk to the west to find the only Rocket on this floor.

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Further west are a series of special tiles. The arrows will force you to spin until you reach a tile with four squares. There will be two arrow-tiles pointing to the west. Step on the bottom one to spin that direction. Once you stop, walk a few steps south to find a Moon Stone! Next, walk north and then east around the warp tiles to a Nugget.

Return to the previous stop-tile and take the arrow-tile to the east. This will put you in position to grab TM07 Horn Drill nearby. Walk east until you hit the wall, then walk south to find more arrow-tiles. Step on the arrow-tile to the east to spin some more. Once you stop, walk west into another arrow-tile until you come to a stop once more. Two arrow-tiles are further south. You will need to take both if you want to fully clear out Team Rocket’s HQ. The top tile leads to a Super Potion. The bottom tile leads to the stairs. Better details are laid out in the two paragraphs below:

First, step on the arrow-tile on the bottom to spin a long distance to the west. Once you come to a stop, walk south towards two more paths of arrow-tiles. Take the arrow-tiles on the right to put yourself in position to grab the Super Potion.

Return to the two sets of arrow-tiles from earlier. This time you need to step on the bottom arrow-tile. This will spin you out to another arrow-tile, which then opens up the path to the stairs. Take these stairs back up to B1F.

Basement 1F – From Second

This is a small room back on B1F. Directly to the west is another Rocket.

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Walk to the northwest corner of the room to find a Hyper Potion. And to the east is another Rocket.

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With that taken care of, return to the Rocket on the last floor. To the north of him is a set of stairs leading down to the next level.

Basement 3F

South of the staircase is another Rocket.

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South of the Rocket is TM10 Double-Edge. It’s a powerful, normal-type attack that also injures the user. Head to the northwest to find another set of tiles.

This particular floor isn’t as complex as the last. Take the far-right arrow-tile to the south. This will position you to reach a Rare Candy. Afterword, take the far-left arrow-tile and make your way slowly on foot to the bottom set of arrow-tiles that will be pointing east. Step on the top of the two arrow-tiles to reach another Rocket.

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Follow the path south, east, and north to the staircase. Take these stairs down another floor.

Basement 4F

To the west of the set of stairs is a small room with an HP Up. The room to the north contains TM02 Razor Wind. Although it has wind in the name and can be taught to birds, it’s actually a normal-type move! Around the table is another Rocket.

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After the battle, talk with the Rocket again. He’ll mention how he dropped the Lift Key. You can now pick up this Lift Key and use it on the elevator / lift. The southeast side of B2F is where you can find the lift. Take it back down to B4F.

Two Rockets will be guarding the door up ahead. Before the battle, you can grab an Iron from the table to the southwest.

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The door to the office will open after defeating both Rockets. Inside is the leader of Team Rocket! Giovanni isn’t too tough of a Trainer. His Onix and Rhyhorn are Rock/Ground type Pokemon, making them 4x weak to water and grass-type attacks. They’ll also be weak to Ground and Ice-type attacks. Those two can be taken out relatively quickly. Kangaskhan, on the other hand, is a bit more difficult. Being a normal-type, Kangaskhan is only weak against Fighting-type attacks. Giovanni will also use a Guard Spec. to increase his defense against Special attacks. And if he uses Rage, Kangaskhan’s power will increase every time he is attacked. The trick is to use special attacks on Onix and Rhyhorn, then switch to physical attacks against Kangaskhan.

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After the battle, Giovanni will disappear and leave behind the Silph Scope. Take the lift back up to the B1F. Before you can leave, one more Rocket will challenge you to a battle. If you’re really in trouble, you can take the long way around or use an Escape Rope.

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With the Silph Scope in hand, you can now return to Lavender Town and ascend to the top of Pokemon Tower!