Silent Hill 2 HD Collection Walkthrough

Rosewater Park

After exiting out of Blue Creek Apartments you can find a First-Aid Kit in a corner of the alley.

Your next destination if the Rosewater Park. It’s not too far if you follow the alley to the North.


On the way to the park you’ll run into the girl from earlier during a short cut scene.

Keep going North and you can find a secluded stairway on your left just before you reach Nathan Ave. Near the top are two boxes of Handgun Bullets.

Rosewater Park

Rosewater Park isn’t too big, and you can find quite a few items within it. Pay attention to James’ head to easily locate items.

Walk North until you see a small path to the left (East). Walk around this area to find a few Handgun Bullets on the ground. From there, go North until the path reconnects with the first path. Again, look for any items around!

Head North until you reach the lake. Once you reach the lake, head East to start a cut scene.

After the scene, continue a bit West and follow the path South out of the Park. There is a smaller area going East into the park, but there’s nothing of interest there…yet.

It’s time to navigate through the Streets of Silent Hill again.