Silent Hill 2 HD Collection Walkthrough

Streets of Silent Hill Part 3

You just left the otherworld version of Brookhaven Hospital, but you never left the otherworld. Silent Hill is now changed from last you saw it. The fog is replaced by pure blackness and Nurse’s roam the streets. You will still find Mannequins walking around too, but remember, you don’t have to fight them.

You can still find many items throughout the streets. If you’ve been picking up items, you should be able to get the Keen Eye achievement / trophy around here.

Your next destination is The Silent Hill Historical Society. If you go there now, you won’t be able to get in. Lets find the key first. There are three locations marked on your map since you left the hospital. The first is the wrench.

Finding the Wrench

The wrench is located on the front porch of a house near Gonzale’s Mexican Restaurant in Eastern Silent Hill. To get there, use the tunnel to the South that connect the West with the East. Take the following path:

  1. South on Carroll Street
  2. East on Rendell Street
  3. South on Munson Street
  4. East on Saul Street (through the tunnel)
  5. North on Neely Street
  6. East on Sanders Street
  7. North on Lindsey Street

The tunnel will have a new enemy called the Closer. These guys will only stay underneath the steel grates, so dodging them shouldn’t be too big of a problem.

Investigate the front of the town house to find a letter and a Wrench.

Finding the Key

Now that you have the Wrench, we can find the key to the Historical Society. Take Lindsay Street North until you reach Katz Street. From here, continue West until you reach the Blue Creek Apartments. Around this area is a large door in the middle of the road. Use it to go back to the West side of Silent Hill. Your next destination is Rosewater Park.

Enter Rosewater Park from the West side. Look for a statue in a small section of the park. Walk behind the statue to find some loose dirt. Investigate the dirt and choose to dig it up. Inside the ground is a bolted box. Use your Wrench here to open it and grab the Old Bronze Key. Now we can open the door to the Museum.

Head North West up Nathan Avenue until you reach The Silent Hill Historical Society.

Easter Egg: If you try to continue up Nathan Avenue past the museum, you will find a corpse on the road. Examine the map he is holding to find Pete’s Bowl-O-Rama circled. However, if you choose to travel there, you won’t find anything. This may make sense later on.