Silent Hill 2 HD Collection Walkthrough

Lake View Hotel – Otherworld

The Lake View Hotel has now shifted to The Otherworld.

Dog Ending

If you have the Dog Key and are looking to unlock the Dog Ending, now’s your chance! Use the key on the door directly to the east of Room 312 (The Observation Room). This ends the game and grants you the achievement/trophy It All Makes Sense Now.

Use the same maps to get around, but know that things are a bit different. Here are complete maps:

Your flashlight will not work anymore, but you will still be able to read the maps.

Once you leave Room 312, you can keep heading East down the hallway to reach a Save Square. Go down the stairs when you are ready.

Second Floor

Reading Room

The second floor Reading Room is relevant to two different endings. Other than these, you do not need to go in this room.

In Water Ending Tip

On the desk in the corner is a tape recorder. Listen to it to help get the In Water ending.

Extra New Game - Brook of Crimson Ceremony

If it’s at least your second play through, check the Reading Room bookshelf to find the Book “Crimson Ceremony”. This will earn you the Light Reading achievement / trophy.

Warning: If this is the fourth resurrection item you’ve collected, you will receive the Rebirth ending, regardless of your prior actions.


The rooms in this hotel will take you to other parts of the hotel. Enter the Western Hallway and take the door at Room 202. Entering this room will transport you to the Eastern hallway in front of Room 219.

Use the door across from Room 211 to enter the small hallway with an Elevator. Search the table directly in front of the elevator to find two Ampoules.

Take the elevator down to the Basement.

Basement First Floor

Step out of the elevator to find the whole hallway filled with water. Look out for the crawling Straight Jacket when you step out of the elevator.

Bar “Venus Tears”

Go into the door that leads to Venus Tears. Search the back of the bar to find five Health Drinks. After collecting them all, head into the Kitchen.


Head inside the kitchen to find a few items. On the counter near the door are two boxes of Rifle Shells, on the shelf in the back are two boxes of Handgun Bullets and near the stove is a First-Aid Kit. Exit through the door in the back to the next hall way.

Employee Hallway

Look out for the Straight Jacket on the other side of the door. Take care of him quickly and make your way to the stairs that lead up to the first floor. Enter the stairway door to start a cut scene.

After the scene, walk out of the door you just entered. Take the stairs up to the first floor.

First Floor

There is only one unlocked door in this area. Enter the door on the North Eastern Wall near the Security Office to transport to a corridor not found on the map.

Walk through this corridor as quickly as possible. There will be a few Closers beneath the steel grates. You will eventually come to a small room outside the hotel lobby. A door will be right in the middle of the wall. Look on the wall to the right of the door to find nine Save Squares.

Through the door is a tough boss battle. When you’re ready, enter the door to activate a cut scene.

Boss Battle – Pyramid Heads

That’s right, not just one Pyramid Head, but two! You’ll face two Pyramid Heads in this fight, both holding spears.

The spears move much faster than the Great Knife, and they still cause a massive amount of damage. Just like the first encounter, run from corner to corner and attack with a firearm. Keep your distance because the spears can reach out pretty far. The Hunting Rifle is probably the best choice to defeat the Pyramid Heads. Shoot off two shots if they’re far enough, one if they’re close. Only reload your weapon from the menu, they will move too fast and get to you before you finish.

If you have a ton of ammo stored up, you can, and probably should, use it now. There is still one more boss battle after this one, but it won’t need as much ammunition.

Alternate Method: Like the first battle, you can finish this fight based on time alone, but it will take a long time. Run around from corner to corner for about 10 minutes and the Pyramid Heads will retreat to the middle of the room. This is a really long time to run around, so using weapons may be much quicker and more fun.

Once you have caused enough damage, or the time has elapsed, they will give up and impale themselves in the middle of the room. Defeating them will earn you the achievement / trophy I Don’t Need You Anymore.

After you defeat the Pyramid Heads, examine them to collect the Rust-colored Egg and the Scarlet Egg.

There are two doors below the balcony where the monsters originally were. Place an egg in each door (it doesn’t matter which egg you use in which door) to unlock both doors. Walk through the door in the next hallway to enter a long hallway with a conversation playing. Exit out the door at the end of the hall to leave the building.

In Water Ending Tip

In this hallway, you will hear a conversation between James and Mary from their past. Listen to the whole conversation to help get the In Water ending.

When you arrive outside, it will be raining. Go right and take the metal stairway to the top where you will find… Mary, or Maria? A cut scene will play which will change depending on the ending you get.

Boss Battle – Mary

Being the final boss, Mary is the toughest boss, but not exactly the strongest. She can take a ton of damage, so lay into her with all the firearms you have. Being the final battle, don’t be afraid of wasting ammunition.

Mary only has two attacks. Both attacks require you to press the run and investigate buttons to escape.

The first attack will send a cloud of bats at you. While the bats are flying around you, you won’t be able to do anything until they fly away. You can try to run away before they reach you, but they’ll eventually come back for more.

The second attack will be done from Mary directly. She will float above you and lift you up with a tentacle, draining more of your health than the bats. This is very similar to the boss battle with Flesh Lips.

Deal enough damage to Mary and she’ll fall to the ground. Stand over her and finish her off. Defeat her to earn the achievement / trophy Say Goodbye.

Now there’s nothing left to do but sit back and enjoy whichever ending you unlocked.