Silent Hill 2 HD Collection Walkthrough

Blue Creek Apartments

You should now be in the Blue Creek Apartments. You can go back to the Wood Side Apartments through this window at any time.

Second Floor

Apartment 203

When you first enter the building, you will jump to a mysterious room. This is Apartment 203 on the second floor.

Search around to find a safe in the living room and a clogged toilet in the bathroom. Investigate the toilet to unclog it. Inside is a wallet with a memo. This memo will tell you the Safe Combination. The combination will change depending on your Riddle Difficulty level. See the Riddle and Puzzle Solutions page for the code. Before leaving the apartment, grab the Health Drink in the kitchen.

Exit out to the hallway.


You won’t have a map at first, so lets go find one. Take a right down the hall and look for the Exit sign. Enter the white door that the sign is pointing to. Inside the stairwell is the Map of the West Apt Building. It will automatically connect to your other apartment map.

Apartment 209

This apartment is locked, but there’s a note on it saying where to find the key — sort of.

Head down to the first floor now.

First Floor

Look out for any Mannequins or Beetles around the halls.

Apartment 109

Head to Apartment 109 before any other apartment on this floor. Inside is a box of Handgun Bullets on the couch living room.

Look for a bedroom door and enter it to play a cut scene. After the scene, you’ll get Angela’s Knife. Look on the nightstand by the door for Coin-Prisoner.

NOTE: Examine Angela’s Knife at least once if you wish to unlock the In Water ending.

Apartment 105

Inside room 105 is a cabinet with an inscription on the side. You’ll need three coins, which you should have by now, to solve the puzzle. The answer will vary depending on your Riddle Difficulty. If you can’t figure it out, see the Riddle and Puzzle Solutions page. Inside is Lyne House Key.

Also inside the apartment is a Save Square down a narrow closet corridor.

Extra New Game - White Chrism

On a second play through you can find the White Chrism in the kitchen. Grab it to earn the Fountain of Youth achievement / trophy.

When you’re ready, head back up to the second floor.

Second Floor

Apartment 209 To 208

Apartment 209 is the place to use Lyne House Key. Go inside to find the back door open to the balcony. The balcony heads to the next apartment over, apartment 208.

208 holds the Apartment Stairway Key and a Save Square.

Backtrack out through Apartment 209 and into the hallway.

Second Floor Stairway

Head to the second floor stairway to the North and use the Apartment Stairway Key. Be prepared for a fight!

Boss Battle – Pyramid Head

A short cut scene will play with Pyramid Head and a Mannequin. After the scene, you’ll have to face Pyramid Head one on one in a small stairwell. You cannot go down the stairs since they are filled with water.

Pyramid Head has two main attacks, his Great Knife, and a choke attack. Get close enough to him and he’ll grab you by the neck, lifting you into the air. If this happens, press the investigate and run buttons as fast as you can to escape. The other attack is a strong or quick attack with his Great Knife. Deal enough damage to send him into the stairway, draining the water. The best method is to keep your distance and use the Handgun. 35 shots will be enough to take him down on Normal.

Alternate Tactic: If you’d rather save your ammo, you do not actually need to fight Pyramid Head here. Simply run from corner to corner avoiding his attacks. After three minutes have gone by, the siren will sound and he will leave without ever having fired a shot.

Silent Hill

Head to the bottom of the newly evacuated stairwell and exit into the alley off of Munson St. Now you’re at the Western portion of Silent Hill. The next place to go is Rosewater Park.