Silent Hill 2 HD Collection Walkthrough

Born From A Wish

Silent Hill 2 HD contains the Main Scenario: Letter From Silent Heaven, and the Sub Scenario: Born From A Wish.

This walkthrough covers Born From A Wish, the prequel to Letter From Silent Heaven.

When you start Born from a Dream, you’ll find Maria at Heaven’s Night. She’ll be holding a Revolver with one bullet. Before leaving the room, search the shelf for two boxes of Revolver Bullets. Turn around and you’ll find two Health Drinks on the floor near the door. Reload your revolver and head out of the room.

Make a left down the hall and enter the last door. Inside this room will be a Chinese Cleaver and a First-Aid Kit near the bar. Exit out the other side to Silent Hill.


Silent Hill

You can explore a bit of Silent Hill to the North, but you won’t be able to get far. The objective is to go far East. The only way you can get there is by going South on Carroll Street, East on Rendell Street, and North on Munson Street. On your way to the objective, you can find a ton of items on the ground. Watch Maria’s head follow an item if one is nearby. It won’t be a clear path, though! You’ll find Straight Jacket and Mannequin Monsters on the way. Either run past them or kill them.

When you reach the far side, you’ll find a door that’s partially open with blood at the bottom. Enter it to find a few Straight Jacket Monsters on the other side. Walk to the left to find a door to a mansion.

Baldwin House

You can find a map of the house in the first door straight ahead. You’ll also find a First-Aid Kit and two boxes of Revolver Bullets on a desk in what you’ll learn is the living room. Look around for a Save Square to save your game. You may notice the fireplace is shut off with a steel plate that say do not open. Hmmm…


Enter the stair well room and find two boxes of Revolver Bullets half way up the stairs. Continue to the second floor and investigate the lounge. A short cut scene will play.

After the scene, enter the hall to the left of the lounge and walk through the first door to the right. You’ll find the a White Board at the end. Return to the hall and walk to the end to find a Health Drink.

Head back down stairs and you’ll hear a bang. Go into the living room and you’ll notice the plate that blocked the fire place is now off. Investigate the fire place to find a ladder leading to a second floor garden. In the Garden you’ll find a Red Board and a Black Board.


Tombstone Riddle

Near the boards will be a tombstone with a square depression and a key. Investigate it to find a small riddle.

“Along with you died joy.
All that remains is despair and a
future of meaningless tomorrows.

But I will never give up.
One, to see your
beautiful smile again.
One, to beg the
blessings of the Gods.
I wait for that day.

When the boards cover all
All sadness too will be covered,
But until my dreams
return to reality
I will have to swallow
all the pain.”

The objective is to cover the green area of the tombstone with the three Boards you found throughout the Mansion. As you can tell by examining them, each board has a few holes in them, making it a bit difficult to fully cover the green area of the tombstone.

The first board must go in right side up. You won’t have a choice to move it. The second and third boards can be inserted as is, turned 90 degrees clockwise, turned 180 degrees, or turned 90 degrees counter clockwise. If you get it wrong, you can remove as many boards as you like.


The holes in each board are best thought as a 4 x 4 layout. If a board had nothing but holes, there would be 16 holes. This may make it easier to figure out the puzzle in your head before placing the boards.

Place the Red Board on the Tombstone first, then the Black Board on 90 degrees clockwise (to the right), and lastly the White Board 90 degrees clockwise (to the right).

The Acacia Key will pop out of the Tombstone for Maria.

Head back down the ladder and travel to the second floor hall way again. If you investigated all the doors so far, you’ll see the last door in the hall was locked. Use the Acacia Key to open it and move into the hall.

The first room you should enter is the Kid’s Room. Pick up a box of Matches on the night stand near the bed and exit back out.


Continue down the hall and enter the door to the attic. The attic will be marked by a set of stairs on your map. You’ll hear a few voices as you walk up the stairs, but nobody will be around. It’ll be too dark to investigate anything. This is where the matches come in! Use the matches to light the candles near the stairs. Look under the arm chair in the attic to find a Birthday Card and Present.

On the way down you’ll hear a voice say “Give it to my daddy.” Who’s daddy? Time to go ask Ernest. Don’t be caught off guard, you may run into a monster or two on the way.

Enter the Lounge and you’ll see Ernest is gone. Pick up two Health Drinks on the shelf and a First-Aid Kit on the other side of the room. If you like, you can read the book on the coffee table. Exit out of the other door and walk down the stair case in this new area. The stair case will lead back down to the first floor, in an area you haven’t been yet.

You’ll find a long hall on this part of the house; be prepared for any monsters. You may run into a few Beetles on the ground and some Straight Jackets and Mannequins on the way. Pick up the Revolver Bullets on the way through the hall and the Health Drinks in the Service Room at the end.

At the exit of the Service Room is a Save Square on the wall to the left. When you’re ready, move on to the next hall and enter the Study. Investigate the door to the Bed Room from the Study to activate another cut scene with Ernest.

After the cut scene, you’ll have a new objective: Find a bottle of white liquid. The basement door will now be open, so that’s where you should head. In the basement is a small plate about Amy – nothing crucial to the game, but you may find it interesting. Two Beetles will also be in this hall, so look out. The other end will bring you out to Silent Hill and into an Apartment Building.

Blue Creek Apartment

When you first enter the building, you’ll want to head up the set of stairs to get the map to the apartment building. It’ll make navigation much easier.

Remember, the reason you’re here is to get some white liquid “somewhere” and bring it back to Ernest. The rooms are easily identified by the first number. If it’s a one, it’s on the first floor; two is the second floor; and three is the third floor.

On your way through the apartments, you will run into a few Beetles, Mannequin, and Straight Jacket Monsters. Don’t be afraid to use all your Revolver Bullets.

Room 105

The White Liquid that you need is in Room 105. You can also find aHealth Drink, First-Aid Kit, and a Save Square.

Actually, Room 105 is the only room you need to go to. You can enter Room 203, but there’s nothing inside. The third floor is inaccessible. Head back to Ernest and give him the White Liquid to complete Born From a Wish.