Silent Hill 2 HD Collection Walkthrough

Wood Side Apartments

Use the Apartment Gate Key to open up the gate of the Wood Side Apartments. There are two doors, one in front of you and one to the right. Enter the door straight ahead.

Inside is a Map of the Apt Bldg, a Health Drink and a Save Square.

The Map is the most important. Red Squiggle lines means you can never open the door. A solid red line means there’s a way to unlock the door. James will also mark important areas on the map. Here are the complete maps of all three floors:

Head up the stairs and enter the Second Floor.

Second Floor

Immediately to your right is a laundry room — there won’t be a door into the room. If you look into the trash chute, you will notice a bag of trash that is stuck. You can’t do anything right now, but the map will be marked for later.

There may be a Straight Jacket or two in the halls. Always be prepared to fight or run!

Apartment 205

The first apartment you should enter is 205. It will contain a most invaluable item: the Flashlight. After picking it up a Mannequin monster will attack you. Kill it or just run away.

Apartment 210

210 has a Straight Jacket and Mannequin inside, so be prepared for a fight. Also inside is a box of Handgun Bullets in the living area on the coffee table, and in the northern room on a nightstand.

Apartment 208

208 has a Clock Puzzle inside, but you can’t solve it just yet.

There’s nothing else to do on Floor two for now, so on to floor 3.

Third Floor

Head up to the third floor and you’ll find a gate directly to the right. On the other side of the gate is a key on the floor. Investigate the gate and the game will ask if you want to pick it up. Say yes to activate a short cut scene.

Apartment 301

Inside 301, you can find a Handgun in a red shopping cart. Grab it, but remember to conserve your ammo throughout the game. Save it for the boss battles.

Second Floor

Return to the second floor after taking the handgun and go to 208.

Apartment 208

Apartment 208 is a bit different from last time you were here. There will be a dead body next to the TV. You can investigate it to play a short cut scene. On the book shelf to the left of the dead body is the Key to Room 202. Guess where we’re headed next.

Apartment 202

Enter Apartment 202 and pick up the Health Drink in the kitchen. Go into the bedroom to find a hole in the wall. Investigate the hole to find the Clock Key.

Apartment 208

Now that you have the Clock Key, you can solve the puzzle in Apartment 208’s bedroom.

There is writing on the side of the clock that says, “The scars from the past shall remove the nail that stops Time.” After reading it, it will ask if you want to push the clock. The clock’s face is stopped at different times. The face plate will be locked, preventing you from moving the needles.

After obtaining the Clock Key from room 202, you must find the proper time to display on the clock so that it will move and allow you passage into the next area of the apartment building.

Look at the wall on the opposite side of the room for a hint at the correct time. Sketched into the wall are three arrows, similar to hands on a clock, and three names: Henry, Mildred, and Scott. These names are all code for Hours, Minutes, and Seconds. Simply convert the arrows into a time.

Examine the clock, then use the key from your inventory menu. You’ll open the faceplate, allowing you to change the time. Change the time to 9:10:15 and you’ll hear a click. Close the faceplate and read the side of the clock to push it away.

Behind the clock is a hole to the next Apartment.

Apartment 209

Grab the Health Drink in the kitchen and save your game at the Save Square on the small table nearby.

When you’re done, exit out the front door and head up the stairwell to the third floor. On the way up, you’ll find a box or two of Handgun Bullets.

Third Floor

Like the other floors, there will be many Straight Jacket and Mannequin monsters walking about. Pay attention to your Radio.

Apartment 307

Enter Apartment 307 to start a cut scene. When it finishes, look back in the closet for the Courtyard Key.


Walk back out to the hall and head towards the Laundry Room. Now that you’re on this side of the gate, you can pick up the Fire Escape Key off the floor. Check inside the Laundry Room for a box of Handgun Bullets.

Apartment 303

Apartment 303 contains a First-Aid Kit in the living room, a box of Handgun Bullets in one of the bedrooms on a bed, and a Health Drink in the kitchen.

When you’re done, head to the East end of the hall and go through the door at the end. Take the stairs down to the first floor.

Eastern Entrance (1st Floor)

Go to the back door and grab the pack of Canned Juice. Exit out the front door and enter the other front door to the West.

Before going up to the second floor, head to the back door on the first floor and use the Courtyard Key.


Walk into the Courtyard to find the community pool. Inside the pool is a baby carriage and three Straight Jackets. Jump into the pool and investigate the carriage to find the Coin-Snake.

First Floor East Side

Before going back to the main entrance, check out the four apartments on the East Side (101-104). Be prepared for more Straight Jackets inside.

Apartment 101

Enter the bathroom door to start a cut scene with your new friend Eddie. After the scene, look for a box of Handgun Bullets in the living room.

Apartment 104

104 doesn’t have much to offer. Inside is a box of Handgun Bullets guarded by a Straight Jacket.

After this floor is taken care of, head up to the second floor. You can either go up the stairwell at the end of this area, or go back to the main area stair case.

Second Floor

Walk to the second floor laundry room and investigate the trash chute. If you remember, there was trash lodged in here. Use the Canned Juice to clear out the garbage.

Head outside and look inside the trash heap for the Coin-Old Man.

Go back up to the second floor and walk to the end of the Western Hall. This is the door you can use the Fire Escape Key on. It will allow you to move to the Blue Creek Apartments.