Pokemon GO Guide

Team GO Rocket Leaders

After battling a Team GO Rocket member, you will receive a special item called a mysterious component. Collect six mysterious components to create a Rocket Radar. You can also purchase a Rocket Radar from the in-game shop for 200 Gold Coins.

The Rocket Radar is a special item that can be used to scan the immediate area for PokeStops taken over by Team GO Rocket. Simply tap the Rocket Radar at the top-right corner of the screen to perform a scan.

The Rocket Radar is also required in order to encounter Team GO Rocket Leaders at PokeStops. Losing a battle with a Team GO Rocket Leader will allow you to keep the Rocket Radar, but defeating the GO Rocket Leader will take your Rocket Radar.

All Leaders have three Pokemon in their teams. Their Pokemon teams might change over time, and their CP is not set, but these are some of the Pokemon I battled. Defeat a Team GO Rocket Leader to capture one of their Shadow Pokemon.


CP 3593 Type Dragon
Fast Attack Dragon-type Charged Attack Draco Meteor
CP 7671 Type Water
Fast Attack Normal-type Charged Attack Hydro Pump
CP 11774 Type Dragon/Flying
Fast Attack Dragon-type Charged Attack Draco Meteor


CP 6976 Type Normal
Fast Attack Psychic-type Charged Attack ?
CP 5912 Type Ground
Fast Attack ?-type Charged Attack ?
CP 12373 Type Rock/Dark
Fast Attack ?-type Charged Attack ?


CP 3173 Type Steel/Psychic
Fast Attack Normal-type Charged Attack Struggle
CP 8577 Type Water/Ice
Fast Attack Ice-type Charged Attack Hydro Pump
CP 8534 Type Fire/Dark
Fast Attack Dark-type Charged Attack Foul Play
CP 8268 Type Grass/Dark
Fast Attack ?-type Charged Attack ?
CP 9767 Type Grass/Psychic
Fast Attack ?-type Charged Attack ?
CP 10397 Type Psychic
Fast Attack Psychic-type Charged Attack Shadow Ball


During special events, you will be awarded a Super Rocket Radar. Equip this item for the ability to find the Team GO Rocket Leader. Giovanni will not always use the same Pokemon, nor will they have the same CP level. He often uses a Persian as one of his Pokemon, and his last Pokemon will be a legendary Pokemon that can be obtained for a lmited time.