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Pokemon GO Guide

Pokemon – What you need to know

Pokemon, short for Pocket Monsters, are the various creatures you can find and capture in the Pokemon game franchise. Pokemon Trainers use Pokemon to battle opponent Pokemon owned by other Pokemon Trainers. Additionally, your Pokemon can be left to defend a Pokemon Gym owned by your Team.

In Pokemon GO, the objective is to capture as many Pokemon and hatch as many Pokemon Eggs as possible. After successfully capturing a Pokemon (tips in a previous section), it is best to Appraise it. This can be done by clicking the green button on the bottom-right corner of the screen to show a menu with four options. Click Appraise to see the Pokemon’s stats.

If the Pokemon doesn’t have good stats, it’s best to Transfer it to the Professor. The Transfer option can be found in the same green button menu at the bottom-right corner of the screen when looking at a Pokemon. Transferring a Pokemon will free up a space in your storage and will give you a Pokemon Candy.

Pokemon Stats and CP

A Pokemon’s power can be seen at a glance by the CP (short for Combat Points) at the top of its summary screen. The higher the Pokemon’s CP, the stronger the Pokemon will be. However, Combat Points aren’t the only thing to look for when capturing Pokemon. Appraise the Pokemon to see its true stats, and its overall potential.

Each Pokemon has three stats: Attack, Defense, and HP (short for Hit Points). The overall rating of a Pokemon will be shown by three bars and three stars. It’s possible, though rare, to capture a Pokemon with maxed out stats. Pokemon hatched from Eggs, Pokemon captured from Raids, and Pokemon from Field Challenges are more likely to be rated three stars.

Let’s say you capture two Charmander. One Charmander has 500 CP but only a 1 star rating, and the other Charmander has 30 CP but a 3 star rating. The Charmander with 500 CP will be stronger in battle, but the Charmander with a 3 star rating can be powered up using Charmander candies and Stardust to increase its CP higher than the 1 star Charmander.

A half-circle, white line will be shown above the Pokemon in their stat screen. This indicates how much more you can power-up a Pokemon using candies and Stardust. The CP they can reach depends on your Trainer level and the Pokemon’s rating. Evolving Pokemon will also increase their CP. Keep the CP number in mind when creating your Pokemon team. There are three Pokemon Battle tiers in Pokemon GO.

League Max CP
Great League 1,500 CP
Ultra League 2,500 CP
Master League No limit

Pokemon Attacks

Each Pokemon has two attacks that are used in Gym battles, Raid battles, and Trainer battles. The attacks for Trainer battles might be different than those for Gym and Raid battles. The first move is the fast attack, which is used multiple times by tapping the opponent on screen. The second move is the more powerful charged attack. The charged attack will only become available after using fast attacks in battle. The charged attacks with more power will take longer to charge-up before they can be used.

A second charged attack can be unlocked using a specific amount of Pokemon Candy and Stardust on the Pokemon’s summary screen. Both attacks will simultaneously charge while fast attacks are being used, but only one charged attack can be chosen before both reset.

Fast attacks and charged attacks can be overwritten using Fast TMs or Charged TMs. These are rare items that can be obtained from challenges and Raids. If the Pokemon has two charged attacks, the Charged TM will allow you to choose which charged attack to forget.

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