Pokemon GO Guide

Pokemon Eggs

Pokemon Eggs are exactly what they sound like, unborn Pokemon. Up to nine eggs can be held at one time in your egg inventory, which can be found by swiping right while at the Pokemon menu.

Pokemon Eggs can be obtained from PokeStops or from a Friend’s Gift. Place a Pokemon Egg in an incubator and walk around to hatch an egg. Only one infinite egg incubator will be available to a Pokemon Trainer. More egg incubators can be purchased from the store, including super incubators that hatch an egg 33.3% faster, but all purchased egg incubators will break after three uses.

The Pokemon hatched from eggs often have better stats than wild Pokemon, or they could be rare species of Pokemon not normally found in your area! The higher the distance needed to hatch an egg, the better the Pokemon will be. Eggs come in 2 KM, 5 KM, 7 KM, and 10 KM. Additionally, you will receive 16 Pokemon Candies once a Pokemon hatches from an Egg.