Pokemon GO Guide

Team GO Rocket

Team GO Rocket is the latest version of the evil crime syndicate that uses Pokemon to further their evil plans. They can be found taking over PokeStops when playing Pokemon GO. The Pokestop will be dark blue and shake from a distance. As you get closer, the PokeStop will turn black and a Team Go Rocket member will appear.

Spin the PokeStop to receive an item or two. The Team GO Rocket member will come out saying they have been stealing the items. You must defeat them in a Pokemon Battle to take the items and PokeStop back!

Team GO Rocket Battle

Three Pokemon are chosen at the start of battle, but you won’t know what Pokemon they use until the battle begins. It’s best to pay attention to what they say. Their quote will give you a hint as to what type they use. Their three Pokemon will be shadow Pokemon, which makes them much stronger than normal Pokemon.

No items can be used to heal or revive any Pokemon. Pokemon can be switched out at any time, but they will be attacked while switching out. See the previous page on Pokemon battles for tips and tricks.

Knock out all three opposing Pokemon to win a battle. If your Pokemon get knocked out, you can retry as many times as possible. You will need to use items to revive and heal the Pokemon that battled, however.

At the end of the battle, you will get the chance to capture one of the three shadow Pokemon that were used in battle. However, these Pokemon can only be captured with the special Premier Balls that are awarded at the end of the battle.

Shadow Pokemon and Purification

Shadow Pokemon will move around a lot more than normal wild Pokemon. Use a Nanab Berry to slow down their movements and make them easier to land a Poke Ball. Razz Berries also help if they keep breaking free.

Once you capture a Shadow Pokemon, you can purify it using a set amount of candies and stardust. Purifying the Pokemon will increase its stats a small amount and change its charged attack from Frustration to Return. These two attacks will not change when the Pokemon evolves, but Return can be overwritten with a Charged TM.

Additionally, all Purified Pokemon will require less candies to power-up, evolve, and unlock their second charged attack. When it comes to evolution, candies will be reduced from 100 to 90, 25 to 22, and 50 to 45.