Pokemon GO Guide


In Pokemon GO, Pokemon Trainers can become Friends with other Trainers. This is actually a very important mechanic in the game! You must become good-enough friends with others before you can Trade or Battle with them.

To become friends, click your profile, go to friends, and click add friend to see your Trainer Code and QR Code. Use these to add friends and become friends with others.

Play with your friends over a set amount of days to increase friendship ranks. All Friends start out with one heart, or Good Friends. Sharing gifts once a day is the easiest way to play with friends, but trading and battling will also increase friendship.

Hearts Rank Days Trade Battle Gym and Raid Bonus
1 Good 1 day All Pokemon except Shadow and Mythical Pokemon - -
2 Great 7 days +1 Stardust Discount - +1 Attack Bonus, +1 Ball after Raids
3 Ultra 30 days +2 Stardust Discount Battle across wifi +2 Attack Bonus, +2 Balls after Raids
4 Best 90 days +3 Stardust Discount Battle across wifi +3 Attack Bonus, +4 Balls after Raids
5 Lucky 90 days+ The next Pokemon becomes Lucky Battle across wifi +3 Attack Bonus, +4 Balls after Raids


Gifts can be sent to a friend and received from a friend once per day. A Gift will contain random items, a chance for stardust, and possibly a Pokemon Egg. Spin PokeStops for a chance to receive a Gift.

Trading Pokemon

In Pokemon GO, only Friends can trade Pokemon with each other. The two Trainers must be about 100 meters apart to trade. Since the end of 2020, distance trading allows Trainers to trade from up to 12 KM away. Go to the Trainer’s profile and click Trade to enter the Trade screen.

Stardust and Pokemon Candies must be used to Trade Pokemon with a Friend. The amount of Stardust depends on the Pokemon’s level, and the amount of Candies depends on the distance between the locations of where the Pokemon were originally captured. Example: if one Pokemon was captured 10 KM away from the traded Pokemon, one Pokemon candy must be used.

Be warned: the stats of traded Pokemon will be randomized! If the Trainer you are trading with is at a lower level, the Pokemon’s CP and HP will be reduced.

Only one special trade can be done per day and will cost 40,000 Stardust. A special trade includes legendary Pokemon, event Pokemon, shiny Pokemon, and shadow or purified Pokemon from Team GO Rocket battles.

As of January 10, 2020, select Pokemon can now evolve by trading without the cost of Pokemon candies! Trade the Pokemon and click the evolution button on their menu screen.

Once a Pokemon is traded it will have a chance of becoming a Lucky Pokemon. Lucky Pokemon will have increased stats, which are shown when appraising the Pokemon, and fewer candies and stardust will be required to power-up the Pokemon.

After becoming Best Friends, it’s possible to become Lucky Friends with another Trainer. Lucky Friends means the next Pokemon traded between the Trainers will become lucky. There is a chance to become Lucky Friends once a day after interacting with a friend – Gifts, Trades, or Battles.


Once Trainers become Ultra Friends (3 Hearts), they can challenge each other to a 3 vs 3 Pokemon Battle! This can be done nearby or over a mobile connection. See the Pokemon Battles page for tips and tricks on how to battle.

Both Trainers should receive a random item or stardust after the first three battles each day. The Pokemon that fainted in battle will not need items to be revived or healed in Pokemon Battles with friends.

There are three leagues to choose from when starting a Pokemon Battle. The league will limit which Pokemon a Trainer can choose in battle based on Combat Points.

LeagueMax CP
Great League1500 CP
Ultra League2500 CP
Master LeagueNo CP limit