Pokemon GO Guide

Shiny Pokemon

Shiny Pokemon are incredibly rare, alternate-colored Pokemon that sparkle on their summary page and each time they appear in battle. Their appearance is the only thing different about a Shiny Pokemon. They are not guaranteed to have better stats or attacks. A Shiny Pokemon will also be noted by three diamonds on the top-left corner of the Pokemon’s picture in the storage.

Unfortunately, Shiny Pokemon will not have an alternate appearance on the world screen. Only after tapping the Pokemon will it appear Shiny in the catch screen. The Pokemon will then appear shiny in the storage system.

If you see a Shiny Pokemon, use your best Razz Berry and throw an Ultra Ball before it flees! Even if you do not want the Shiny Pokemon, there’s a good chance a Friend will trade a great Pokemon for your rare Pokemon. Trade a Shiny Pokemon with a Lucky Friend to also make it a Lucky Pokemon, increasing its stats. More information on Lucky Pokemon in its own section.