Pokemon GO Guide

Gold Coins and the Shop

Gold Coins (also called PokeCoins) are the in-game currency used in Pokemon GO. PokeCoins can either be purchased with real currency or by leaving a Pokemon at your team’s Gym. A Pokemon will earn 1 Gold Coin for every ten minutes it stays at a Gym. The cost of Gold Coins in the table below is in USD.

PokeCoins USD
100 $0.99
550 $4.99
1,200 $9.99
2,500 $19.99
5,200 $39.99
14,500 $99.99

Gold Coins can then be used to purchase new clothes for your Trainer or Items to use on your Pokemon. The Items and their prices are listed below.

Item PokeCoins Description
Poffin 100 Feed this special treat to your buddy, and it'll happily join you on the map for an extended duration.
Egg Incubator 150 Hatches Pokemon Eggs. Can be used three times before breaking.
Super Incubator 200 Hatches Pokemon Eggs in half the distance. Can be used three times before breaking.
Premium Battle Pass 100 Used to join Raid Battles. Also used to get Premium Rewards in the GO Battle League.
Rocket Radar 200 Used to discover captured PokeStops
20 Poke Balls 100 -
100 Poke Balls 460 40 Coin discount
200 Poke Balls 800 200 Coin discount
Incense 80 Used to attract more wild Pokemon for 30 minutes.
8 Incense 500 140 Coin discount
10 Max Potions 200 10 Potions that fully restore a Pokemon's HP.
Lucky Egg 80 Doubles XP earned for 30 minutes.
8 Lucky Eggs 500 140 Coin discount
Glacial Lure Module 200 Attracts ice Pokemon. Used to evolve Eevee.
Mossy Lure Module 200 Attracts grass and bug Pokemon. Used to evolve Eevee.
Magnetic Lure Module 200 Attracts electric and steel Pokemon. Used to evolve Nosepass and Magnemite.
6 Max Revives 180 6 Revives that also fully restores a Pokemon's HP.
Lure Module 100 Attracts more wild Pokemon.
8 Lure Modules 680 120 Coin discount
Item Bag upgrade 200 Adds 50 slots to your bag. Maxed out at 2500 slots.
Pokemon Storage upgrade 200 Adds 50 slots to your Pokemon Storage. Maxed out at 3000 slots.
Team Medallion 1000 Allows your Trainer to change Teams once per year.