Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light Guide

The Summoning

Score Challenges:
Score 30,000 Points
Score 45,000 Points
Score 60,000 Points

Reward Challenges:
Collect Ten Red Skulls
-Award:Stone Owl
Defeat the T-Rex in 2:00 or less
-Award:Gold Feather
Destroy all Columns (22)
-Award:Clay Lizard

As you can see two of the three reward challenges are awards you could or should have already obtained. Pretty lame. Anyways there are a few red skulls hiding around the map. It’s a short level, all you really have to do is kill the T-Rex. The regular human like enemies may come and shoot plasma balls at you like Street Fighter or Dragon Ball Z or whatever. There are 22 columns in the level that can be destroyed by you and your bombs or the T-Rex when he comes to chew on you. He can come up to you and bite you then spit you out or he can use his flamethrower. Try and get him towards the spike area, and when he’s on top of it jump on one of the pressure plates to activate it and injure him a whole lot.


You can’t outrun the T-Rex flat out so you’ll have to dodge it. There’s also some cars you can shoot to blow up that will injure it. There’s two other spike areas that you can activate by shooting a target instead of stepping on a pressure plate. They’re to the left and right of the first pressure plate. Once you injure him with any of them then they will break and you can no longer use them. Each time you injure the T-Rex with one of these spike pits, more enemies will come out and attack you.

lcgol_mission4_2 lcgol_mission4_3

I found a few red skulls inside some of the columns. There are also ammo caches around the sides of the maps and some open doors that spiders escape out of. They give you more points.