Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light Guide

Temple of Light

Score Challenges:
Score 100,000 Points
Score 130,000 Points
Score 160,000 Points
-Award: Magnums

Reward Challenges:
Collect 10 Red Skulls
-Award: Stone Arrow
Reach the exit in 6:00 or less
-Award: Headdress of Ehecatl
Jump Between 7 Spider Pots without touching the ground
-Award: Health Power up
Disable Xolotl’s Fire Trap in under :30
-Award: Clay Owl
Destroy all the urns
-Award: Ammo Power up

The first mission starts with a quick cutscene setting up the story. You meet your team mate and your objective is to chase after Xolotl and recover the Mirror of
Smoke. First you need to get out of the room by setting a bomb at the door. Before you do that head back to where the Mirror of Smoke was and grab 9 gems around the
pedestal. Some are in the dark.


Once you have the 9 gems go back to the door and use your explosives next to the two wheels on the left and right sides of the door.

Make sure you’re not in the blast zone! Once you blow the wheels the door will open and lead you to a staircase and a checkpoint. At the top of the stairs are 8 urns. These are some of the urns you must destroy to get the ammo power up award. Shoot them to collect 7 gems and one of the ten red skulls, the red skulls are another reward challenge to work on.


There are also some TNT barrels you can shoot that explode as much as the bombs. Once you finish there head to the bottom right corner of that area to find stairs leading up. Not far away you’ll find some thing shooting arrows away from you. Use your bombs here to clear the way. On the other side you’ll fine 3 gems and reach another checkpoint.

Continue on the path and you’ll reach another room and a cut scene.


You’ll receive a gold spear. After the scene you’ll have to fight three enemies. Aim the spear at your enemies and fire to kill them. You can also throw the spears at walls and climb on top of them. Once you finish off the enemies head to the next room on the top/left side of your screen. You will get another checkpoint and find 4 gems and a red skull on both sides of the room.


However, there are traps that shoot arrows if you try to get these items. You can use your bombs to blow up these traps and grab the items. Then step on the square in the middle of the room to open the door to the next room. In this room you’ll have to use your spears. Throw them at the wall and jump on top of one. Once you’re on one jump up to reach the ledge and pull yourself up by pressing the jump button again. At the top you’ll find a green shrine.


This shrine will restore your health if you get close to it so keep a look out for any in the future! Around the shrine are three more urns. Destroy them to work towards the challenge. Continue up the stairs at the left side of the screen. At the top you’ll fight a few more enemies that shouldn’t be too much trouble. Some may drop gems so don’t forget to pick those up. Head up another small set of stairs and you’ll find another device shooting arrows at three gems. Destroy the device with your bombs and pick up the three gems. Now you must use your grapple hook towards the golden grapple ring at the top left side of the screen


Stop on the square at the top to open the door and grab the red skull. Before you enter the door destroy two more urns on the top platform shown in the last picture. Head up the stairs to get a checkpoint and go into the next room which is just the next level of a former room.

Once you enter this room about 4 enemies will spawn and attack you. They’ll spawn at the bottom of the room and jump up to the next floor where you’re at. Try not to get surrounded. There are some TNT barrels close by that you may be able to use to kill them. When you finish them off head up the stairs and into the next room. You’ll see some green things on the bottom corner and a gold handle at the top. You must interact with the handle and pull it out in order to open the door.


Pull it out and run through the door. At the other side you’ll face another 4 enemies. They may get injured by another arrow trap not far from where you entered the room. When you finish them off destroy the arrow device and pick up all the gems around you. There will be another red skull floating to the top area of the screen. Use your spear to get to the next area


Throw it up on the wall right at the red skull to collect the skull. Then jump up to the next platform to find another arrow shooting machine. Blow up the machine with a bomb and grab the 5 gems around it. In the middle of that platform is a red artifact called the “Clay Arrow.” The Clay Arrow Adds to your attack but lowers your defense. After grabbing all the swag head to the top side of the screen and pull out the gold handle to open the door to the next room.


In the next room you’ll find a health shrine and 7 gems around two squares that open the next door. You can’t be on two squares at once so we’ll need to find some help. Head to the top right side of the screen and climb the ladder. At the top are 6 arrow shooting machines. Destroy them with your bombs and some enemies will come to fight! After you take them out grab the 3 gems and red skull. Next you’ll see two giant round….things. Hold B to interact with them and push/pull them to the two squares at the bottom of the room. Once they’re on both squares the door will open and you can go through. Go up the stairs and you should find 4 more gems. You should also get the firs score challenge here. Continue up the stairs to the next room and a checkpoint.

In this room you’ll find 7 pots with 6 gems and a red skull. Jump from one pot to the next without missing a pot and you’ll get another challenge done


Next you have to attach your rope hook to the gold ring and swing left to right to reach the next room. It’s not too hard and you should get a checkpoint.

Once you reach the next room go inside the door and you’ll find Xolotl’s Fire Trap.


Disable it in under 30 seconds for another challenge. To disable it you must roll the big ball in the back on to one of the two empty square. Once it’s rolled on one of the squares, one of the fires will be turned off that’s surrounding a gold handle. Pull the gold handle and do the same for the next square and handle. If you get hit by the flamethrower that’s spinning on the top you’ll instantly die and start back at the last checkpoint. The spinning flamethrower spins clockwise so go in a clockwise direction. It won’t matter how far you are from it because it’s a small room and if it touches you then you die. Once you pull the first gold handle then the top will spin counter clockwise and a second flamethrower will shoot. Grab the ball and head in counter clockwise to the next square and lever to disable the trap. At the exit you’ll find another red skull and some gems. Step on the square at the exit to bring up some platforms to jump on across the way. They only stay up for about 3 seconds so jump across fast!

At the other end you’ll find another giant ball and a door leading downward. Before heading in that door use your spears to grab the red skull above the door


In the next room you’ll find a bunch of arrow machines which you should destroy. You’ll also find a red skull at the top left side of your screen and a health upgrade at the top right side. Use your grappling hook to get both of them. Remember you can swing side to side while attacked to the rings. At the top you’ll find some type of device that looks like a target. You can shoot it or blow it up with bombs. The first time you do you’ll open the first door but the second door will be locked. Go inside the small area between the two doors and shoot/blow up the target again to proceed to the next area. You’ll watch a small cut scene and face a boss. Remember to shoot all the urns in this room to work towards the challenge! While fitting the big boss like enemy you’ll also face a few smaller ones. If you defeat the big one, he will explode and a new one will come out. Just destroy the second one and any smaller enemies. The smaller enemies may drop some health packs. When you finish them all off you can head into the room the big enemy broke out of which is a “Challenge Tomb.”


First thing you do is hit the target at the other end of the punji pit with your spear. Then grab the gems to the right. Use another spear on the wall to the right in the area you just opened and climb up the wall to get a health upgrade. Next go back to the corner where the first door was that opened up. Try and aim a spear at the target and run past the door before it closes so you can get inside the next door. Once you’re there use a spear next to the target to climb up the wall and get an ammo upgrade. Plant a bomb next to the target, enter the area between the two doors, and set off the bomb to open up one door and close the other and return to the original mission.

Head up the stairs and destroy all the urns at the top. These should be the last urns you have to destroy in order to complete the challenge. In the next area you’ll find a few gems and come across to giant enemies. Dodge if possible and shoot. Remember when they die they blow up and can injure you so be careful! After those guys you’ll see a second challenge tomb.


You must roll the first ball on the square to the left of it. Next you shoot the target across the pit where the arrows are shooting to open the gate. Push the same ball into the gated area onto another square. Run across the newly created platform and shoot the target. Now grab the new ball and push it onto the square where the old ball was. Make your way back across the platform and shoot the target again. Grab the first ball you used and put it on the first square you originally placed it on. Now jump from one of the platforms to the other and grab the ammo upgrade. Destroy the arrow machines and make your way back out of the tomb.

After that head back and climb the stairs to find your first relic, the “Knife of Itzli.” Head into the next room and pull the gold handle to activate a few platforms over a giant punji pit. Jump across quickly before they fall and you fall with them! At the other end are a few gems and the last red skull you need for the challenge. Grab as many as you can before the wall pushes you over the edge. Jump from step to step that the wall creates to get to the top. You may need to use your spear on some steps if they’re too high. At the last step your spears will not penetrate the steel so you must use your grappling hook to climb up, but do it quickly because the wall will start to crumble! After that reach the exit and you will complete this level.