Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light Guide

Xolotl’s Stronghold

Score Challenges:
Score 80,000 Points
Score 110,000 Points
Score 140,000 Points
-Award:Spear of Light

Reward Challenges:
Defeat Xolotl in 10:00 or less
-Award:Spear of Darkness

There’s not much to do here except survive and kill. You will jump on a giant platform where spikes can come up. Xolotl will shoot lightning at it. Every area that turns blue will shoot spikes up so watch out. Try and defeat him and dodge the spikes with your dodge button.


He will jump back and forth on the side platforms and shoot some type of plasma balls at you. When you take down his health he will disappear and send spiders at you. The spikes will come up seemingly random too. You have to be quick on your toes. After the random spikes Xolotl will come at you again. Take down his health and he will send the giant spike roller at you with the spikes up on your sides. It seems like you’d die but the spikes on the sides will retract for a second. That’s when you jump on that side and jump back before they pop up.

Move forward and you’ll find a health shrine and ammo cache. Fill up your bars and move on. You should wind up in an area with poison pods all over. You have to face Xolotl while he jumps up in the air and tries to land on you. A black smoky spot will appear where he tries to land. His impact can cause the poison pods to explode. The pods can also hurt him. After you take down his health, Xolotl will summon a few lizard enemies to come at you. He will also shoot plasma balls as you when he lands every now and then. When you take down his health for a second time, fourth total, he will open up the fire place and you can progress.

You will come across another health shrine and ammo cache before you get too far. Make your way down to the bottom platform and face Xolotl. He will only stand on the bridge to the left/upward area over the lava. In this area magma bombs will fall from the ceiling on top of you. Look for the yellow dripping of lava to see where they’ll land before they land on top of you.


Xolotl will shoot plasma balls at you until his health bar goes down. When it does he will summon giant magma demons. They shoot magma bombs and crush you if you’re too close. Take them all out and Xolotl will face you head on. He will try to jump on you again and shoot plasma balls at you. Defeat him one last time to end the game!