Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light Guide

All the Trappings – Challenge Pack 1

The first Downloadable Content for Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light is called “All the Trappings – Challenge Pack 1.” You can download it for free for the first 30 days. It was released on October 27, 2010. To play it you must download it, launch the game, and go to download content.

Double Crossings

Mission Challenges

-Escape in 3:30 or Less
-Escape in 3:00 or Less
-Escape in 2:30 or Less

You start off next to a target. Step on a platform to the right of the target, then shoot the target to get the platform moving to the other side.


The other side has a gold handle and a target. When you hit the target it will alternate the flames that are shooting next to another moving platform you need to get across. The gold handle moves the platform towards you. Hit the target once so the flames are on the right side and drop a bomb on the target. Pull the gold handle to bring the platform over to you. Stand on the platform and wait for it to move. Detonate the bomb when you’re between the two flamethrowers to move the fire from the right to the left flamethrower. If you touch the flames you die instantly.

The next part is a bit tough. Another moving platform will come to you when you pull a gold handle. It will remove tall spikes so you can jump on the platform, but there are still spikes blocking your path. Pull the gold handle, drop a bomb on the platform, let the platform move back to it’s starting location, and detonate the bomb to move a ball on the other side. The ball should move off a pressure plate and retract the spikes that block your way. Bring the platform back and move to the other side on the platform. On the other side you can roll the ball into a fire pit to pass a door.


The next area is tricky so I will give you a bit of a play by play. Hit the target to move a platform towards you across a spike pit. Jump on the platform and hit the target again. You should be on the other side of the spike pit now. Get on the next moving platform and hit the target again. Now you need to drop a bomb on the next platform but don’t get on the platform, hit the target and detonate the bomb once it reaches the other side. Hit the target again to bring the platform back to you and drop another bomb on the platform. Now you must shoot a spear in between the two long spikes that alternate when you hit the second target.


Jump on the platform and hit the first target to get you moving, jump on the spear in between the long spikes and detonate the bomb when it reaches the other side. You should now be able to jump from your spear to the end. Run to the door to complete the mission.