Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light Guide

Temple Defense

Mission Challenges

-Score 200,000 Points
-Score 350,000 Points
-Score 500,000 Points

The level starts out with a health shrine right in front of you. If your health is low you can stand on one of these to build your health back up. There are a few urns that you can break which contain ammo. This level is a big circle almost with tons of enemies. When you die you complete the level. There are two wooden platforms with targets next to them on the left sides

lcgol_dlc1_level3_1 lcgol_dlc1_level3_2

If you hit the targets the platforms will open up and anyone on the platform will drop onto spikes. Anyone who touches the spikes will die instantly.The more enemies you kill, the tougher they become. Different enemies will come and drop better things. At the start a few enemies drop ammo, later they drop health and eventually gems. Try to reach the score challenges to win.