Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light Guide

Flooded Passage

Score Challenges:
Score 120,000 Points
Score 160,000 Points
Score 180,000 Points
-Award:Automatic Pistols

Reward Challenges:
Collect 10 red skulls
-Award:War Drum
Break down the wall with the giant ball in 8:00 or less
-Award:Golden Eye of Cipactli
Destroy all the arrow traps (37)
-Award:Health Powerup
Find and destroy 3 hidden urns
-Award:Ammo Powerup

So this missions sounds pretty straight forward. Navigate through the level and traps to reach the bad guy. You’ll want to jump the gap in the bridge, head up the stairs, grab the steel ball, and use it for protection against the arrow traps. When you move the ball you’ll find two gems and a red skull. You’ll complete a challenge if you destroy all the arrow traps in this level. Use the ball to roll over them and you destroy 5 of the 37!

Climb up the stairs and watch out for the poison pods. There will be some type of skeleton that attacks you. Shoot him and he’ll fall to the ground. In a few seconds he’ll get back up and attack you again….It reminds me of the skeleton turtles on the old super mario bros games. They will die forever if you blow them up with those poison pods. Anyways after that pull out the gold handle so the steel spears move out of your way. Use your grapple hook to hang inbetween the two steel spears. When the handle moves back into place the first set of spears should poke back out and the second will go back in. Make sure you’re high enough because if you’re too low you’ll hit the sharp spikes at the bottom and die instantly.

Now you’ll want to head down the ramp amongst all the arrows. The arrows set off the poison pods every time they grow. There’s a health upgrade in the far corner. You will get hurt running to it but don’t worry, the health powerup should restore your health. Grab it and then grab the ball for protection. Destroy the arrow traps and another skeleton will come after you. After you destroy the arrow traps go back and pick up all the gems you missed. The skeleton may continue to come after you or he may disappear. After that take the fork to the left. A giant enemy will come out of a challenge tomb. Destroy him and head inside.Inside is a simple puzzle. Place the ball next to the area that opens when you step on the pressure plate and put a bomb next to it like the picture shows:


Step on the pressure plate and detonate the bomb. Step off the plate and the machine won’t close all the way. Shoot a spear on top of the ball to head to the top and grab the eye of Cipactli. There’s also a red skull to the left. DO NOT BREAK THE URN, instead jump on top of it and shoot a spear. Climb the spear and grab the red skull. Now you can break the urn. Exit out of the tomb and head to the right side now. Grab a red skull above a poison pod and keep going right. You’ll need to use your grapple hook to go down and grab the next red skull. You can grab some gems in the process. Swing over the target and drop a bomb on it. Climb back up and detonate the bomb to open the gate.

The game will tell you about destroying three secret or hidden urns in this level. Take a left and you’ll see one of them. Destroy it! Now to get across you’ll have to throw three spears on the wall to make a bridge. You may have to step back a bit to get the angles right. I made fine with these arrows:


After that you’ll see a gold ring. Use your grapple hook to climb down and get another red skull. Continue down the path shooting the urns and grabbing the items. At the end you’ll find a new weapon and an ammo cache. Enter the room and you’ll get ambushed by a ton of enemies. Watch out for the poison pods and some of the arrow traps. There will be little and giant enemies. There will also be another hidden urn you must destroy. To get past the sharp spikes to get the red skull and destroy the arrow traps you must place the ball close, but not directly next to, the spikes and pressure plate. But a bomb behind the ball so it will propel the ball onto the pressure plate and detonate the bomb. The ball just has to hit the pressure plate, not stay on it. You will then be able to grab all the items and destroy the arrow traps. After that you have to pull the golden handle next to the door on the right wall to open the door.

Go through the door and you’ll come across a target with three spikes. Shoot the target and set a bomb next to it. Pass the first set of spikes and shoot the target again so you can pass the second set of spikes. After that you’ll want to detonate the bomb so you can pass the third set of spikes. As you move on you’ll be ambushed on both sides by some poison enemies. Take them out before they get too close. There’s also a red skull above a poison pod next to some urns. You can step on the urns and grab the red skull or shoot a spear next to the skull, jump on top of the spear, and grab the urns. When you’re done with all that enter the challenge tomb next to the skull.


This was I got on accident. I shot a spear at the wall and hit the target. I got the gold feather artifact! But there’s also a red skull in here. Stand on the hidden earn shown in this picture to shoot a spear at the wall. Jump on the spear and reach the red skull.


Exit out the tomb and head up the stairs. You’ll face a few enemies while you climb. At the top are 6 urns. None of them are the hidden ones. Step over some holes which are the giant steel spikes on the right side. Walk over to the left side and step on the pressure plate to shift the spike gates. Keep running straight forward until you come to a gold handle. You’ll notice arrows shooting at it. Shoot towards the arrows and you should hit some TNT blowing everything up. Pull the gold handle out and the spike gate will open for a bit. Run over to the other side to step on the pressure plate before the gate comes back up and the next gate will open. Move forward and you will be surrounded by two giant enemies. You can run to the other end and step on a giant pressure plate to activate some arrow traps, or you can stand and fight. When you do cross the bridge to get to the arrow traps you will have to fight more smaller enemies. Destroy those traps to get closer to completing the challenge! Now walk right and destroy those arrow traps to complete the challenge. Shoot across the giant gap and hit the target to open the next spike gate. Walk over to the other end and pass the spike gate that just went down. Hit the target again and the gate will rise up behind you. At the same time another gate will lower. Walk forward to face more enemies. Some giants and some skeletons. Remember to use the poison pods on the skeletons. When you defeat everyone, walk around to pick up all the gems. Step on the pressure plate on the right side. The spikes on the left side will go down and you can cross. A small cutscene will play.

Jump across the bridge and head up the stairs. While walking up the stairs you’ll encounter a few enemies. There are also some poison pods and steel balls that fly down. Try and dodge the last two. You will have to jump across a few gaps, but nothing too big. Once you reach the top you need to press the pressure plate and run like hell down to the bottom. A giant spike ball will come at you. When you reach the bottom hide in the alcove as shown here:


The ball will smash through the wall making an entrance for you. Make your way around the corner and shoot all the urns. The last hidden urn will be very well hidden. Just shoot around where I’m shooting in this picture:


There will also be a red skull in the corner, in view. Enter the door to end the level.