Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light Guide

The Mirror’s Wake

Score Challenges:
Score 150,000 Points
Score 190,000 Points
Score 240,000 Points
-Award:Golden Shotgun

Reward Challenges:
Collect 10 Red Skulls
-Award:Jade Heart
Reach Xolotl’s Stronghold in 6:00 or less
-Award:Mask of Xolotl
Achieve a Hole-in-one
-Award:Stone Serpent
Break 2 shields with 1 truck
-Award:Health Powerup
Get the first spinning ball into it’s fire pit in 15 seconds
-Award:Ammo Powerup

You get a map to start off this mission which is great! First thing to do is head all the way left until you find a TNT box up against a wall. Shoot it and you’ll create a hole. Walk past the wall to find your first red skull and a few gems surrounding it. Now grab the ball on the small pedestal and roll it with you. Head North and then West across a bridge. You’ll face a few enemies. Some are big and some are small. You can use the TNT in your surroundings to make things a bit easier. When you take them all out, search around for gems. Now roll your ball off the cliff to the left and jump down with it. You should see a small fire pit next to you. Roll the ball in the fire pit and you can grab a health powerup. On the ground is a new weapon too, a high power shotgun.

Next you need to head south. The Eastward direction is blocked off by flames so you have to go West. You’ll watch a small cutscene and fight some demons! There will be atleast one shield demon and some other smaller demons. Defeat them and grab the key on the ground. You need to find the other two gate keepers now and collect their keys. Continue westward to find a crypt. In front of it is a spinning flamethrower with a red skull and some gems near it. Grab the goods and don’t get burned. Now head into the crypt.

Inside the crypt are tons of exploding magma rocks that rain down from the ceiling. Navigate around, it shouldn’t be too hard, and you’ll find a ball spinning on a poll. Some magma bombs will fall from the ceiling and detach it from the poll. If you can grab it and move it to the fire pit in 15 seconds or less then you will get an award. Grab all the gems you see and you’ll face a few enemies. Place the ball in the fire pit and walk over it. Both to the left and right are red skulls. There’s another red skull in the far right corner. Navigate around some more to find the next ball. It will be next to a pressure plate. You can try and set it on the plate and run to the ammo upgrade on the other side of the wall but it will probably fall off by the time you reach it. Grab the ball and take it leftward towards the next fire pit. Now you get to face the next gatekeeper. It’s just another shielded demon. It’s a bit tough when tons of magma bombs fall on you. When you beat him take his key and exit out from another door. On top of the pressure plate to open the gate is a dark drum artifact. Take it and open the gate which leads to the maze’s exit.

Now you need the last gate key in the arena area on the map. Go East to reach the area but before you go into the arena you can enter a challenge tomb. I’m not sure if I did the challenge tomb the way the developers wanted me to do it but this is how I did it. I placed the ball on the pressure plate, put a bomb next to it, equipped my spear, stood next to the column that rises, detonated the bomb, shot a spear at the side of the column while is rose, jumped onto the spear, and I was able to reach the top of the column without getting burned. I jumped to the artifact (The Clay Serpent) and left the challenge tomb. Now exit the tomb and head towards the arena

As you get closer to the arena you’ll get a notification about blowing up two shields with one truck. It’s hard to see but there’s a truck just before you walk under the bridge. Two shield enemies will come at you. Blow up the truck when they’re next to it and you’ll complete the challenge! Now enter the arena and you’ll find a few red skulls around the outside areas close to the walls. Watch out for the flamethrowers because they will kill you in one shot. You should face the gatekeeper here. Defeat him and take his key. An area will open to the west now:


Before you go to the area in the west you should go to the corner in the East where one of the red skulls was. Shoot an arrow at the North wall and the camera will move upwards. Use your grapple hook to climb up the wall and you’ll find a challenge tomb! This is where you can complete the hole in one challenge. There will be flamethrowers all over the floor and one giant magma demon. Take him out and watch out for the flames. If you touch one you die instantly. Use a bomb on the spinning ball to get it in the fire pit for a hole-in-one. You have to time it just right. Or you can blow it up and roll it to the fire pit. You will get the Mask of Cipactli. The flames will keep shooting up until you grab it so grab it fast!

Now you can go to the area west of the arena. Use your grapple hook to climb up and swing to the right and get the gems. The last red skull is on top of that structure too. Use your spear to climb up to the top. Now jump back on the bridge with the gems and jump the gaps to the other bridges south. You’ll wind up closer to the gate. Enter the gate and you’ll see a cutscene. That’s the end of the mission.