Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light Guide

Temple Grounds

Score Challenges:
Score 100,000 Points
Score 200,000 Points
Score 300,000 Points
-Award: Automatic Shotgun

Reward Challenges:
Collect 10 Red Skulls
-Award:Golden Scepter of Huitzilopochtli
Open the Spider Tomb in 5:00 or less
-Award:Gold Owl
Cross The River Without touching the water
-Award:Health Power up
Find and Defeat the Giant Demon Lizard
-Award:Ammo Power up
Destroy All Trucks(10)
-Award:Clay Lizard

The first thing you must do here is head down the stairs to the left downward side of the screen.


Now go to the up left side of your screen to grab two gems and your first red skull. Some lizard like enemies may attack you so look out. They’re faster than the last enemies. Next go back to the stairs and go to the right side to pick up three gems. Make sure you don’t fall off the side of the cliff! Continue down the right bottom side of the map and you’ll come across more lizard enemies and a little podium with 4 gems and a red skull.


Now head upward and left until you come to a dead end like area. Jump over the stone wall on the top side of your screen and you’ll get a small cutscene. You must defeat a few lizard like creatures and human like creatures. There’s a few flaming trucks here but one is untouched. Destroy it to start the challenge for destroying 10 trucks in this mission. There is one amongst the wrecked trucks and one behind you, if you are looking towards the bridge at the trucks. The human like creatures shoot this plasma like ball at you that will follow you around so you must dive in order to avoid it. Remember to dive you use square(PS3)/X(360) and a direction. Do a quick detour to the upper right side of your screen to grab three gems.

You should have cleared that small section of the map. Remember you can look at the map next to your inventory screen. Head left/up across the stone bridge to continue. Two more enemies should come at you before you reach the gap. They should be easy like the first enemies on the first level. After those guys you’ll find a gap which you must jump on the bridge. You’ll fall on a platform under the bridge, but you can use your spear to help you back up on the main bridge area. Continue across the bridge and you’ll see a giant man like statue with a red skull on top of him:


Use your spear to reach the top and collect the third red skull. At the end of the bridge the camera will zoom towards a giant door. A new area is also highlighted on the map. Get close to the door and you’ll see a green circle with one gold sun on the floor. You need to find the other three gold discs to open the door.

First head to the left to grab some gems. Follow the wall until you see TNT boxes. Shoot them and it will blow a hole in the wall. Through the wall is a new weapon, a bolt action rifle. Now exit out of there and head up. You should see an ammo power up at the top of a pillar with 4 other pillars around it. Jump from the smallest one to the biggest to reach it. There will be some enemies around so watch out. After that head right to find some ammo, health, and enemies. When you go as far right as you can from the spider tomb you’ll hit a wall. You can go around that wall to find a few more gems. There should be a staircase next to that wall and a gem under the stair case and to the left of the stair case along with another ammo box. Head up the stairs and a giant enemy will throw a rock down at you. Run back down the stairs to avoid it. Now tons of lizard like enemies will come after you and so will the giant. Defeat them all and some regular human like enemies will come at you. After you take them all out head back up the stairs and you’ll find a car at the top. Destroy it to work toward the challenge of destroying 10 trucks but don’t get too close to it because it will explode!


Before you enter the tomb go down and to the right side of your screen to find a health upgrade at the edge of the cliff. You’ll have to hang off the side of the cliff to get it so make sure you don’t press the drop down button. Grab it and climb back up. Now enter the tomb. While inside you’ll see another arrow like machine but this time you can’t blow it up. It will be shooting at a gold handle. Use your spear to jump up to a pedestal with a steel ball on top. Push the ball off and in front of the arrows so you can pull the handle. You can now grab the first sun disc. There are also some gems to the right of the arrow machine.


After that head back out and you will be attacked by a few enemies. Dodge the plasma ball coming down at you and take out the other enemies. Head back down the stair case and go left of the stairs, which will be the top side of your screen. A few more enemies will come at you so take them out. Not far from the stairs are three pillars. On top of two of them are gems and on top of one is an ammo upgrade. Climb up the fallen over pillar and jump to the other two.


Next head to the left and jump from stone square to stone square and don’t touch the water in order to complete a challenge. It shouldn’t be too tough. Once you reach the other side you’ll be rewarded. Now go to the right to collect a few gems and jump back into the water to reach the other side. You’ll find two more gems and a red skull under the waterfall. Next head to the left to reach the next tomb and sun disc. You’ll see stairs leading up and a broken bridge leading to the water. If you go into the water in this area you’ll fight tons of enemies which can help you get your score up if you want to get that challenge. Some will drop ammo or health packs. Take the right set of stairs to the right bridge and run across. Both bridges will start to collapse. When you see there’s a dead end on the right bridge, jump over to the left bridge and continue to the end. You’ll receive a checkpoint before and after the bridges. At the end you’ll also see two more cars to your left which you can destroy. Go to the right and you’ll face a few more enemies and find two more trucks you can shoot. To the left of one of the trucks is a red skull.

After you defeat the enemies you’ll find another challenge tomb:


It’s pretty simple. Grab the first ball to your left and push it forward to the first square in front of it. Then grab the second ball and push it up and to the right square. Now go around all the sharp sticks to grab the first ball and place it on the square which is in the middle of the other 4 squares. Grab the relic “The Arrow of Tezcatlipoca” and all the other sharp sticks will fall down and you can exit!

After all that head back to the stairs that lead upwards and head up them. At the top you’ll see another sun disc which you can only gain access to after solving another puzzle. To the left of it is a new weapon and an ammo cache which restores all your ammo. The new weapon is a Shotgun. In order to get the sun disc you must place a bomb on the right fist and stand on the square pressure plate in front of the sun disc. Detonate the bomb and you should be able to grab the disc! After you grab it a gate will open to the left of you. Go in the newly opened area and face a few lizard enemies and one giant enemy. You’ll also find another truck you can shoot and blow up. Continue left and jump down onto a bridge. Follow the bridge until you reach a pit full of punji sticks. You’ll receive a checkpoint.


Use your spears on the wall to jump across the pit. At the end use another spear on the wall to climb up the wall and find the artifact “Stone Feather.” Jump down and continue on your path to find another truck you can blow up and three gems next to it. Keep going and you’ll cross a bridge with two human looking enemies that shoot plasma balls at you. Take them out before they do it or stay at the other end of the bridge to dodge them.

Once you reach the end of the bridge you’ll get a checkpoint and become surrounded by lizard like enemies. Take them all out and you’ll see a health shrine at the top of the screen. Keep going down the path and you’ll reach some water with a tomb in it. You’ll see a red skull on top of it, but it’s a little hard to get. Go in the water and shoot a spear at the tomb, then go up the ramp that led down to the water and shoot another spear above the first spear. Jump from one spear to the other and onto the roof to get the red skull.


Before going inside the tomb, walk downward onto the next piece of land to find an ammo pack and another red skull. Once you grab the skull a few enemies will pop from the ground and attack you. When you’re done with those three, enter the tomb. Inside you’ll see a target which you can shoot to advance. Before you advance drop a bomb on the target and then step past the first set of bars. Set off the bomb and you’ll be able to pass the second set and grab three gems. Continue out of the tomb by heading up the stairs and stepping on a square pressure plate with 5 gems on top. It will open to the tomb we’ve already been in with the sun disc in it. Exit the tomb and head towards the main area with the spider tomb in the middle.

Walk around the back side, the opposite side of the tomb from the door, to find one side of the broken bridge and a moveable ball. In the water is another red skull to the left of the collapsed bridge:


Underneath the collapsed bridge is a hidden health up grade. Now head left on the grassy area, but on the outside of the wall. You’ll come across a few gems. Next cross the river to find more gems and a red skull on top of a pillar next to a health shrine. You will need to use your spear to reach it.


Now we head to the last part of the map which we haven’t explored. It is on the left side of the temple leading down a few stairs. There will be a few gems along the way. At the bottom of the stairs you’ll find another truck to destroy and a few enemies. One giant enemy, a few lizard like enemies, and a regular enemy coming from the stairs which you just came down. After that continue on the path across a bridge. You’ll see the last sun disc. Before we get that we can do a few other things. Search around the grassy area for more gems. You should find a health upgrade on top of a pillar. At the same time you’ll find the giant lizard which you must face to complete another challenge! He’s not too much harder than a giant enemy when it comes to health. If you are close enough he will continue snapping at you. To get the health upgrade you must find the steel ball that fell from the cliff near you. Roll it towards the pillar with the health upgrade and shoot a spear at the pillar. Jump from the ball to the spear and reach the upgrade!

Lastly we must get the final sun disc. Head to the area with the disc and use your grappling hook. Wall run to the other gold platform and use your spear to reach the sun disc


Now head back to the bridge. Before completely crossing it, jump down where there’s a gap in the bridge. You can find many gems and enemies around here. To the left is another tomb. At the top of the tomb is another red skull. Climb up a fallen pillar to the right of the tomb to reach the top of another pillar and jump on to the tomb to get the red skull. This challenge tomb is VERY simple. Use your spears on the ground floor and while up the stairs to reach the top of the pillar


At the top you’ll find the clay owl! Now head all the way back to the entrance. You’ll encounter a few enemies along the way. Once you reach the tomb’s entrance some spiders will come crawling down. Take them out with your shotgun. Then a giant enemy and some regular ones will come at you from behind. Take them all out and enter the tomb to complete the level.