Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light Guide

The Jaws of Death

Score Challenges:
Score 60,000 Points
Score 80,000 Points
Score 110,000 Points
-Award:High Power Flamethrower

Reward Challenges:
Collect 10 red skulls
-Award:White Drum
Escape in 2:00 or less
-Award:Wind Drum
Destroy all of the enemies on columns
-Award:Gold Arrow

You start off with a health and ammo pack around you. Go directly to your right for a red skull and some gems. Move forward and you’ll start to fight a few people. Amongst the people are some skeletons that will not die since there are no poison pods around! There will be a second red skull behind one of the columns in the first room where you get ambushed.

Cross the bridge and you’ll find some human like enemies on columns to the right shooting plasma balls at you. Take them down for a challenge. Step a little further up for a cutscene. You must now outrun a giant….thing. It’s fishlike. You will see red skulls here and there amongst the poison pods and some enemies on columns. Boost up your speed and maybe weapons to out run the creature and take out the enemies on the columns.The first huge gap you come across will have a target at the other end. Shoot it to jump across. As you make your way across the bridge you’ll encounter some spike pressure plates and falling columns. The second gap you come across will have a gold ring at the other end so use your grapple hook. The next enemy after the grapple hook on a column will be the last enemy on a column so you won’t have to look out for anymore!At the end you’ll come to a closed off area. Step on a pressure plate to your left and some platforms will rise to your right. Pull out a gold handle over the platforms to kill the fish. Walk through the doors and end the level.