Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light Guide

Tooth and Nail

Mission Challenges

-Escape in 4:30 or Less
-Escape in 3:30 or Less
-Escape in 1:30 or Less

This mission starts off with spike pressure plates. You will use your bombs a lot so it’s best to have artifacts that don’t increase bomb power, but keep artifacts that increase speed.


You have to move forward onto the spike pressure plates and drop a bomb on the wheel in the middle. You cannot go back because once you start the spikes behind you will activate and you they will not retract. The spike pressure plates do retract after awhile so you can keep moving in a circle. Drop the bomb and detonate it to open the gate. There will be spikes where the gate was in between the spike pressure plates so you must jump over them or you will die.The next set of pressure plates will be the same. You must blow up a wheel to the left which will drop a gate to the right. Jump over the spiked gate to blow up another wheel past the gate. Then run to the door on the top left side of the map.You will get a checkpoint when you enter the door.


More spike pressure plates will be laid out in front of you. There will be spike plates at the end that are not pressure sensitive, instead they move up and down. On top of them are balls. You will not have enough time to push them so you must drop a bomb next to them to send them flying. They will roll forward and make more spikes pop up from the pressure. Blow up the wheel at the end to open the gate on the right side of the map. You may need to make some circles around the pressure plates so you don’t come to a dead end.


The next room has spikes that shoot up almost at random. You get a little warning by the blue that is on the ground. You must blow up another wheel to the left and to the right in order to open the gate at the end. Remember you don’t have to keep moving since these aren’t pressure plates.


The next room is full of pressure plates again so you must keep moving unlike the last room. You have to blow up the balls at the end that are blocking the wheel you must also blow up. This means you must reach the balls, circle around, blow up the wheel, and make it to the gate on the left side. Jump over the gate to find more pressure plates and some alternating non pressure spikes at the end. On the other side of the non pressure spikes are more pressure plate spikes, two wheels, and the gate. You must blow up the two wheels to go through the gate. The non pressure spikes don’t move randomly like the last ones, these move from left to right. To do this you will have to cross the pressure plates, cross the non pressure spikes on the LEFT side, drop a bomb on the left wheel while moving right (hit ever pressure plate including the two at the top so you have enough time), detonate it, drop a bomb on the right wheel, cross the non pressure spikes on the right, detonate it, circle around the spike pressure plates so the spikes retract at the end, and exit out.