Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light Guide

Crushing Expectations

Mission Challenges

-Score 30,000 Points
-Score 45,000 Points
-Score 50,000 Points

This level is similar to a level earlier in the game. You start out running from these crushing machines. You must keep running throughout this whole level. The next part has platforms that will drop if you stand on them too long, at the same time steel balls fall from the sky and break them apart. Use the shadows to figure out where they will drop. Try to grab some gems while you’re running. After the platforms are a few crushers and then more platforms. You will get a checkpoint right after the crushers. It keeps alternating back and forth between platforms and crushers. The next few (3) crushers will close and open before you get there so you have to time it just right when you can pass them.When you reach the fourth set of crushers they will close AFTER you pass them by. You will get another checkpoint as well.


Next are more falling platforms and crushers. These crushers are like the last ones, they open and close at certain times. Some are right next to eachother. Just keep running forward so you pass the ones that close and are ready for the ones that open. After those crushers you will run from a giant steel spiked ball that is coming for you. At the same time more smaller steel balls will fall from the sky like earlier. Race to the exit to finish the mission.