Medal of Honor Guide

Dorothy’s a Bitch

The mission starts out with a small real time scene with a goat herder. You will have a M14 EBR (silenced and scoped) and a M4 (silenced with red dot). Follow your team to the first position. Three enemies will be standing out in the open. When you get the go ahead you can kill them, with your team’s help. Stay hidden because some more people will walk by with a flashlight. I’m not sure if they will ever spot anyone or if they’re just for show but stay hidden anyways.

Continue on with your team. You should find a bunch of Taliban scouts huddled around a fire:


It’s possible to cook a grenade here and kill 5 men with one grenade to earn an achievement/trophy. Or you can wait for your team to give the go ahead for everyone to shoot and kill.

Move ahead with your team to hear some dialogue. You’ll come across a big rocky hill with Taliban on it.


Stay behind rocks for cover or they will destroy you at higher difficulties. When the initial enemies are dead you can move up the right side of the mountain, but stay behind cover. There will be a lot more Taliban at the top and behind cover around the right side. When all the men are killed you must destroy the anti air gun. Place a charge on it but do not detonate. Use the buddy boost to climb up the ledge. Now you can detonate it.

Go on with your team and listen to more dialogue. You’ll find the trucks that were marked on the last mission. Enter the SOFLAM by walking to the end of the path. Mark the trucks for the AC-130. When they are destroyed you and climb over the rocks that stopped you at the end of the path. Walk with your team forward. You’ll reach a small broken down town. Walk up the right side with most of your team and hide behind rocks. Five men will come down the path for you and your team to kill. If you didn’t get the 5 kills with one grenade achievement/trophy then you can try here again, do it quick or your team will fire. Walk up the path and kill the rest of the Taliban with support from your AC-130. Try to use any cover you can because they will be hiding behind some.

When everyone is eliminated you must walk up to the top and have your team mates create a path with a plank to the next level. Walk through the burned ruins of the town for a small scene. Continue on with your team. You’ll kick down a door to a broken house and walk through a cave. Inside the cave you’ll have to use your night vision goggles. There will be a wounded man inside with a pistol. He will fire at you so take him out. At the other end of the cave is a large Taliban camp. Walk up the right path with one of your team mates to get a better view.


Fire when you are given the go ahead.

Once the coast is clear you can move up to the next area. The AC-130 will take out a gun right in front of you. Your team will have a little group huddle. When it’s over walk to the right and enter the SOFLAM at the edge of the cliff.


You must destroy this entire camp to get an achievement/trophy. If you just destroy the guns you can complete the mission without the special achievement/trophy. If you don’t destroy the guns fast enough you will fail the mission. Switch between the three guns of the AC-130 so you don’t have to wait for the gun you just used to reload.

When the camp is destroyed you will be taken out of the SOFLAM. Follow your team inside another cave. The cave is small and will exit out to the mountain again. Keep following your team until you reach a machine gun. The Taliban will start firing at your AC-130. Grab a RPG on the left table and fire it at their ammo cache. This will stop the Taliban and end the mission.