Medal of Honor Guide


You start off this mission as the men who were being saved in the last mission. You have a M4 and M14 EBR. Take cover behind the trees and rocks. Kill all Taliban or Chechen or whatever you see. After a few kills your team will think of a plan. They will pop smoke and move down the mountain. Once the smoke is up you need to move to where ever they run. Stop once you see the ruin. Take cover behind it like so:


Enemies will be coming from all around.After awhile a helicopter will fly over and your team will take off down the mountain. Follow them to the next ruin. The ruin will be full of enemies, but your helicopter will clear it for you. Wait at the ruin for your team to kick down a door so you can continue down hill. At the third ruin is where you want to make another stand. Take cover behind one of the windows.


Your team will tell you to use the SOFLAM to mark the last ruin. Stand at the right window to use the SOFLAM and hold the fire button to mark the ruin. The enemies will keep coming. Your team will climb up the ruin behind you and give you a buddy boost to climb over the wall. One of your men will get injured so you trade your M4 for his M60. If you get 15 kills with the M60 you will unlock an achievement/trophy. It shouldn’t be too hard. If you die the kill continue to count onto your next life.

Continue down hill shooting all the enemies you see and sticking with your team. Do not go off ahead of your team! Shoot anyone you see and run down to the helicopter. When you reach the helicopter you will use the tail machine gun to cover your team. Shoot all enemies with it. It has infinite ammo and will not overheat.


Take out everyone you can to end the mission.