Medal of Honor Guide

Belly of the Beast

This mission starts off with a cut scene. After the scene you will be on the ground with three team mates. You have a M249 SAW Light Machine Gun with a scope and a M1014 shotgun. Run straight forward along the rock wall to stay in cover. Eventually you will come across some enemies in the distance. Sand will be kicked up all over so it will be hard to see. Taliban will be in the distance up the hills and behind rocks right in front of you. Stick behind the rocks moving from cover to cover. If they throw a grenade at you slide into cover behind another rock. This part is pretty straight forward, move and shoot.After all that you will walk with your team and hear a little dialogue. Your objective will be to take out a heavy machine gun. You’ll reach a small village full of Taliban:


Some will run out in the open and some will shoot from inside the huts. Take cover and shoot precisely. As you walk inside the village you should switch to your shotgun. Check your corners and all the huts. There may be enemies hiding. Walk through with your team mates taking out everyone you see. At the end of the village you and your team will enter a hut. More dialogue will play out and you can grab some frag grenades. Ask for ammo for your M249 before moving on. Exit the hut and walk up to your team to hear more dialogue and your objective.


Your objective will be to stay back and give suppressing fire on the mounted machine gun. Stay behind cover at the back and fire until this icon comes up:


If you’re injured hit the floor to recover health. Few Taliban will come from the hills and the roof tops of the huts. Keep suppressing the DshK so your team can throw a red smoke grenade on it. When that objective is complete your team will come back to you. Hit the floor before the airstrike comes to destroy the machine gun or it can kill you too. If you do all this in under 2 minutes or less you will unlock an achievement/trophy.

The next area is like the start of the game. You’re in a valley type area with Taliban up in the hills and behind rocks at your level. Take out the Taliban and move up until you reach the LZ. A small scene will play. After the scene your objective is to secure the LZ and shoot any Taliban. Run to the small hut on your left for better cover. Fire at anyone you see. Ask for ammo if you need it.


Your hut will dwindle down as you kill more and more people. This is the last place you can go. Stay alive until friendlies arrive to end the mission.