Medal of Honor Guide


There aren’t many vehicles in Medal of Honor, so I gave them a sub section instead of their own whole section.



The ATV is a small 4 wheel vehicle. It seats only one person and is found in the campaign only. It’s used for transport only.



A technical is a campaign only vehicle. It is a pick up truck with a mounted machine gun in the back. You get to drive in one and operate the machine gun in the mission “Breaking Bagram.” All other times you have to face enemies in them. The picture shows a technical in the distance, the character is also on the machine gun of a technical.

M3 Cavalry Fighting Vehicle

medal_of_honor_m3_cavalry_fighting_vehicle medal_of_honor_m3_cavalry

The M3 Cavalry is a light tank which you can find in the Combat Mission game mode on online multiplayer. It seats two people. The driver controls the main cannon while the passenger controls the machine gun attached to the tank. The main cannon shoots 7 rounds before having to reload. The machine gun can fire for 4 seconds before overheating. Fire button to fire, aim button for gas or use sticks. The M3 can take about 3 rocket launchers, the 4 should blow it up.
Found on:Helman Valley and Mazar-I-Sharif Airfield.



These vehicles are part of your score chains. It is the first defensive support action called “Intel.” This launches a small unmanned plane. UAV for coalition, Huminit for OPFOR. It is possible to shoot these down if you see them flying over you in online multiplayer.