Medal of Honor Guide

Game Modes

There are 4 game modes/playlists in Medal of Honor. There is a 5th which is a mix of the other 4, but in Hardcore rules. Each game mode is 12 vs 12. If there isn’t enough players for the game mode then the match begins with a “preround.” In the preround players can move around the map and even use their weapons; however, the points are not tracked. Once the minimum number of players are found the match begins. A preround may not be needed if enough players are found right away. Next is the “warm-up.” In the warm-up players get to choose their classes and load-outs. Nobody gets to move around the maps or start up the match until after a countdown. If you’re playing a match and the number of people drop below the minimum again, the match will return to a preround until the game finds enough players.

At the end of the match you are given a report that shows your kills, deaths, score, ribbon, medals, and allows you to vote against the next map coming up in rotation. The map is used twice, so players can be both the coalition and opfor.

Team Assault

Team assault is a team based deathmatch. 12 players face 12 players. The first team to reach 1400 (1200 on 360) points wins. You can achieve the goal with kills and support points.
Maps Playable: Diwagal Camp, Garmzir Town, Kabul City Ruins, Kahdahar Marketplace, and Kunar Base.

Combat Mission

Combat Mission is an objective based match. 12 players face 12 players with OpFor being on Defense and the Coalition being on Offense. The Coalition’s job is to secure objectives on the map to win. There are 5 objectives on each map. You can only go after one objective at a time and when it’s taken a new area of the map is unlocked. The Team Health meter on the HUD shows how many respawns the Coalition has. If the Coalition runs out of respawns then OpFor wins the match. The team starts with 120 spawns. If the Coalition destroys an objective and moves up, their spawns jump up a few points. I’m not sure what makes the game decide on the number of spawns that are added to the Team Health Meter. I’ve seen +12 and +26.

Maps Playable: Helmand Valley, Mazar-I-Sharif Airfield, and Shahikhot Mountains.Objective Raid 

Objective Raid is an objective based match. 12 players face 12 players with OpFor being on Offense and the Coalition being on defense. The coalition must defend two objectives from being destroyed by the OpFor. Either Objective can be taken first. If both objectives are destroyed then OpFor wins. If the time runs out then the Coalition wins. Each game has a 5 Minute time limit. It takes about 5 seconds to plant the bomb and 15 seconds for the bomb to go off. When the bombs are planted the game timer will not stop so make sure you have more than 15 seconds left on the block.

Maps Playable:Diwagal Map, Garmzir Town, Kabul City Ruins, Kandahar Marketplace, and Kunar Base.

Sector Control

Sector Control is a flag based objective game. 12 players face 12 players for control over three neutral flags. The more flags you have the faster your team will accumulate points. One flag is one point a second, two flags are two points a second, all three flags are three points a second. The first team to reach 2600 (1800 on 360) points wins the game. It takes about 6 seconds to take down an enemy flag and capture your own.

Maps Playable: Diwagal Camp, Garmzir Town, Kabul City Ruins, Kahdahar Marketplace, and Kunar Base.

Hot Zone

Hot Zone is an objective game. Two teams of 12 players face eachother for control over one area. The first team to reach 1800 points, or the team that has the most points at the end of the 10 minute time limit, wins the game. To gain points a team must be in the “hot zone.” You will gain 6 points a second.

Clean Sweep

Clean Sweep in an elimination death match game. Two teams of 12 players face eachother. If you die you cannot spawn until the next round. Each round is 4 minutes long, but will end of the entire other team is eliminated. The team that wins 2 out of 3 rounds wins the game.Hardcore
Hardcore is a mix of Team Assault, Combat Mission, Objective Raid, and Sector Control all under Hardcore rules.

Hardcore rules are:
No Health Regeneration
No Crosshairs
No Ammo HUD
No Radar (Unless it’s called in)
Health is around 60 instead of 100.
Friendly Fire is ON.