Medal of Honor Guide

Running With Wolves…

The mission will start out with a cut scene and then a real time scene. You will ride an ATV with one partner, Dusty. Follow him and you shouldn’t get lost. If you fall behind he will stop for you. You will automatically slow down, turn off your lights, and stop when you reach the checkpoints. When you reach the first checkpoint you’ll get off the ATV and have a M110 (Semi Auto Sniper Rifle), and a silenced MP7A1 with red dot (PDW).Walk up the path to the left with Dusty. You will need to take out a patrol man above your other team mates across the field. There will be a marker on the enemy so you know where he is. Take him out with a headshot using your M110. You can go for another achievement on this level, get 7 headshots in a row without the long range sniper rifle (M82). Follow Dusty into the compound, he will take out the first enemy before you can. The next area will have two enemies. Take one out and he’ll take out the other right away. Aim for the head and use whichever gun you like.

Follow Dusty until you reach a dead end. He’ll go through a door while you go inside a room to the left. Look out the window and take out two guards on the roof tops. They will be marked for you. Dusty will move up and more enemies will come into the courtyard. There will be about 6 men. Kill them all and rally up with your team. When you reach your team you will hear more dialogue. Once the dialogue is over they will open up the door to continue on. Follow Dusty out of the compound and back to the ATVs.

You will drive your ATVs until you come across enemies in the distance. You’ll pull out your Barrett M82 Sniper Rifle. If you can’t see the enemies too well switch to your thermal optics. The game will tell you who to kill and give you markers. It shouldn’t be too hard, but because they are long range you may need to lead your targets if they’re moving. This means shoot in front of them so they hit the bullet. Use the aim trigger to hold your breath and steady your shot.

Continue on the ATV and follow Dusty to your next location. When you get off the ATV you can still follow him to the right areas. Your objective is to mark enemy trucks with your beacons. Follow Dusty until he tells you to stop. Let the enemies pass by or they will probably kill you. When they’re gone you must take out an enemy standing outside of a door on the other side of the truck. Headshot him and let Dusty place the beacon on the truck. Follow Dusty so you don’t alert any enemies.

Follow any instructions Dusty gives you to survive. He will eventually leave you to climb up a building. Keep going straight ahead to find the next truck. You should see a yard like this:


Go into the alleyway where the cross hairs are aimed at. You should be clear to place the beacon on the truck. Walk up to the door of the truck and click the right button to place the beacon. Two enemies will appear on the other side of the truck, take one out and Dusty will take out the other. Leave the courtyard by buddy boost from Dusty, he will pull you up.

The next area will have a few men walking around. Stay stealthy and don’t go running and gunning. Hide in the shadows and follow Dusty’s orders to get from place to place. First thing you will need to do is run across the yard to the marked hut. Inside is an enemy you can kill. Walk out of the other door to place the beacon on the last truck. Go back into the hut and an enemy will walk in, take him out quickly and quietly. Move to the door but don’t run out until Dusty says it’s fine. Head back to Dusty for a buddy boost up and out of the compound. Before you leave you’ll come across more men in a courtyard. This is where you can go loud instead of play stealth. Eliminate everyone in the courtyard to proceed.


Head up the stairs on the left and Dusty will kill a guard. The last area has three enemies. Take all three out like the last group and leave the compound. Get back to your ATV and follow Dusty to your team. Keep on the gas and you should get the achievement/trophy for getting a lot of air on the ATV.