Medal of Honor Guide


This mission is basically a rail shooter. You do not control where you go only what you shoot. You will test out the guns first. Next your view will change to a crappy monitor. Listen to some dialogue and wait until you can fire. White boxes will outline the mortars. Hold LB/L2 on the white box to lock onto the enemies location with missiles.


When the mortar position is eliminated you must find the other two. Use the markers. The second one is the right and down a bit. The third is to the left and down.

You will fly to a village now. Your objective is to clear the village.


If you destroy enough buildings you will earn an achievement/trophy. Use your missiles to do this.

After the village a small cut scene will play. You will do some quick shooting after this. You will be flown over some mountains to kill Taliban and their positions. If a white box appears you must do the same thing you did at the beginning of the mission. Lock on to the white box by holding the correct button and releasing it. A few white boxes will appear. Make sure you take them out fast because they’re usually RPGs that can take you out and end the mission.

The last area is a mountain with an anti air gun and vehicle. You have to be very quick and take out the enemies. It may be tough to see since they’re small and you’re moving all around. Take out everyone and everything to end the mission with a cut scene.