Silent Hill 3 HD Collection Walkthrough

Brookhaven Hospital

First Floor

When you first enter the hospital there will be two Nurses on either side of the hallway, head into the Reception Area straight ahead to find the Hospital Map on the table to Heather’s left. There is also a Health Drink, and a Save Symbol in this room.

Head back into the main hallway and head around the back.

Doctor’s Lounge

Enter the Doctor’s Lounge to find memos on Leonard and Stanley Coleman, a patient that will leave you letters around the hospital. Investigate the fridge to find a Health Drink inside.

Head back out and enter the Visiting Room.

Visiting Room

The Visiting Room holds a memo and a gift from Stanley Coleman. You’ll find many of these around the Hospital.

Lets clear the rest of this floor off quickly


C2 will have a few Nurses. No other items to pick up, so you may want to avoid this room.


C4 has another letter from Stanley Coleman on the bed. Next to the bed is a wall with stuff stuck on to it. If you investigate it, you’ll see there’s a key available. We need to get it unstuck. Head back to the Reception area and take the Elevator up.

Second Floor

In the hall you will find another memo from Stanley Coleman, and a letter on the wall at the end of the hall that is the clue to the Brookhaven Keypad Code puzzle. Enter the Patient Wing, there are two Nurses.

Woman’s Locker Room

In the Woman’s Locker room, you’ll find a few items inside a locker. The Perfume and Nail Polish Remover are the most important. You may or may not find other items around.

The Perfume is an equip-able item that makes you irresistible to monsters. Equip it to draw monsters directly to you.

The Nail Polish Remover is just the item we need to get things unstuck! Before going back to the first floor, we can see what else this floor has to offer.

2nd Floor Patient Wing

You can find another message from Stanley Coleman on a stretcher to the left of the door to the patient wing.

If you try to go to the Patient Wing, you’ll notice the door is locked with an electronic keypad. To the right of the door is a typewriter memo. Read it to help you figure out the code. The Code will change depending on your Riddle Difficulty. View the Riddle and Puzzle Solutions page if you need help figuring out the code.

Examining Room

Examining Room 3 has a dead man on a stretcher and a patient record for the man. If you investigate the arm, you’ll get a clue to the riddle in M4.


M4 contains another message from Stanley Coleman on a bed. The other bed has a locked Attache Case on it. If you try to go near it, the alarm clock will go off. Investigate the alarm clock to turn it off. Note the time and remember the tattoo on the dead man’s arm on Examining Room 3. The time is usually the code to the attache case, unless playing on Hard Difficulty. See the Riddle and Puzzle Solution Page for more the hard riddle solution. Inside is an Instant Camera. We don’t need it now, but we will later.


M5 will have three nurses with pipes. Take them out if you want, then grab the First-Aid Kit at the back of the room. You might need it after that fight.

We’re done with floor 2. Head back down to room C4 on the first floor. Be prepared for any Nurses you may come across.

First Floor


Use the Nail Polish Remover on the glue wall to collect the Stairwell Key. Use it to open the stairwell right across from the Patient Wing on the first floor. The stair well allows quick access to all floors.

First stop is the Basement — Downward!


Walk down the hall and you’ll notice a Wheelchair at one end. Before heading over, look on the floor for a magazine of Submachine Gun Bullets. It will be black and rectangular.

Walk over to the wheelchair to find a bloodied and bullet filled elevator. Near the elevator is a Submachine Gun. The SMG fires extremely fast, so use your bullets wisely.

Turn around and go into the white-ish door. Walk inside to find a blood streak going behind a bookshelf. You won’t be able to squeeze in there, but you do have an instant camera. Use your Instant Camera to find a code written in blood. If you forget the code, you can always check your Memos in the Menu to see it. It’s called “Photo – Backside of shelf.”

Now lets make a quick detour.


Before opening the door to the roof, you can find another message from Stanley Coleman.

The roof has two Closers on it, so be prepared. You can also find two magazines of Submachine Gun Bullets on a rusty oil drum on the back right corner.

Now that we have a ton of ammo, head down to the third floor.

Third Floor

This first place you should probably go to is the Store Room. Check your map if you don’t know where that is.

Store Room

The first thing you will notice is a Save Symbol on a piece of paper near the entrance. Save your game if you want. At the back of the room is a Stungun Battery and two Health Drinks.

Special Treatment Room

Only two rooms are open in here, but neither of them are necessary. You can also find a memo on the Eastern Wall.

In the far Western room is a memo from Stanley Coleman

In the third door from the left is a Nurse.

3rd Floor Patient Wing

Try to enter the Patient Wing and you’ll find another keypad. This is where the code from the Instant Camera comes into play. Enter the code from the snapshot to enter.

In the patient wing hallway, there is a pack of Beef Jerky on a bench.


S1 contains two Health Drinks and a magazine article on Silent Hill’s orphanage.


S7 has another note from Stanley Coleman. Return to the hallway to find a few Nurses.


S12 has a phone that will start ringing. Investigate it to initiate a cut scene with Leonard.

After the cut scene, a new door will appear at the end of the hall on the second floor. That’s where we’re headed next!

Second Floor

Go into the Patient Wing and walk all the way to the end. A new door marked M will appear that wasn’t there before. Go through the door to enter a maze.

Unmapped Maze

When you hear maze, you may think it will be confusing. In actuality, it’s pretty simple. Just keep heading through the halls. Where a door closes, another opens.

Eventually, you’ll reach a point where there is a large red symbol on the wall that looks like a Save Symbol, examine it to see another cut scene.

After the scene a hall will appear where the symbol was. Head up the ladder that leads back into The Otherworld.