Silent Hill 3 HD Collection Walkthrough

Lakeside Amusement Park – Otherworld

The Lakeside Amusement Park is exactly the same as the Intro to the game, when Heather was sleeping.

Go through the first door you see to arrive in a half circle hallway, but look out for the Closers that will be walking around. Head into the Souvenir Shop.

Souvenir Shop

Inside the Souvenir Shop is an Ampule on the wooden table in the middle of the room and a pack of Beef Jerky on the counter. Pick up the items and head towards the door until you hear a noise. Head to the back of the shop to investigate the noise. You’ll see a few boxes dropped down. One of the boxes has a Save Symbol and another box has a Roller Coaster Key. Exit the shop and go towards the roller coaster.

Mountain Coaster

Walk back to the half circle path until you reach the end. The green door will be locked, so use the gate on the left side.

The next path contains two Two Heads, so be prepared. Take them out or run to the gate at the other end.

The next area is the path up to the Roller Coaster. You should encounter two Pendulums flying in the air. Again, run or fight. Make your way up the stairs to the top of the Roller Coaster.

When you reach the top, use the Roller Coaster Key on the small control room to gain entrance. Flip the switch off so you don’t get ran over like in your dream. Walk on to the tracks and move to the end until a cut scene plays. Don’t walk too fast or you may fall off.

Borley Haunted Mansion

After the cutscene, you’ll wake up near an attraction Haunted House. Enter to find a Save Symbol on the ticket booth.

When you’re ready (as the voice will say) enter the mansion. This area is pretty simple. Walk through the unlocked doors until you come to the exit — or what the voice says is the exit. When you go through the exit door, you’ll find a long hall way. Run as fast as you can to the exit, a red light will be chasing you. If the red light touches you, you will die! The easiest way to get out of here is to switch to 2D controls and keep pressing down. You may need to press left two times to reach two doors. Skip the very first door you see, it will be locked.

Back Outside

The first area outside will have two Closers walking around. Remember, you don’t have to fight them. Get past them and walk down a short alley to the left.


This next area has a big carousel in it. Look out for a Two Head and another Closer as well. It’ll be best to actually kill the enemies in this area, since you’ll need it clear.

Next to the entrance of the carousel is a rusted door that could possibly be removed. There’s nothing you can do yet, so go through the other open gate in this area. The gate will be closer to the entrance of this area.


On the way to the stage, you’ll find another Closer and two Pendulums. Fight or run past them and enter the next area to the stage.

The Stage area has a bunch of items you’ll need. You can find a Health Drink and Shotgun Shells on a bench to the left. The important items are a Chain on the bleachers (seats) and a Red Shoe in the middle of the stage. Take these and head back to the Carousel.


Now that you have the Chain, you can use it to open the rusty door near the Carousel. Investigate and attach the Chain to a bar in the middle of the Carousel. Attach the other side to the rusty door. You’ll need to use the Chain from your items menu twice.

When both sides are attached, the door to the small booth next to the carousel will open. You can find a box of Handgun Bullets and the switch to turn on the Carousel inside. Turn it on to break open the rusty door.

Enter the door and a cut scene will play.

After the cut scene, you can either check back on Douglas to play another cut scene, or move forward. If you’re going for the Possessed ending, don’t check on him.

Fortune Teller House

Move through the gate and enter the Fortune Teller House on the right. Inside is Douglas’s Notebook, which has more backstory. Read it in your items to read more than what you original read when you first pick it up. Further inside is a Doll Head and a Save Symbol.

Marchen Travel

Enter the building next to the Fortune Teller House. Inside will be two giant dolls and some pictures on the rails / tracks. One of the dolls in Cinderella and one is Snow White. Use the Doll Head on Snow White and the Red Shoe on Cinderella to unlock the door at the back.

To the Next Carousel

Go through the next door to go back outside. You may run into a Two Head and Pendulum, so be on the lookout. Walk over to the Ice Cream House to the right to find two Stun Gun Batteries and a memo written by Harry Mason, Heather’s father. Another Two Head may come out of no where after picking up the items.

Walk through the next door to find another Carousel. Pick up the First-Aid Kit on the bench and walk on to the Carousel.

The Carousel will start moving. All of the horses will go up and down, except for one. Read the note on the side of the horse to see you must kill all the horses before time runs out. Don’t stand by their mouths or you will get injured from the gas coming out. Injure them all until they stop moving. After doing so, a tough boss battle will start.

Boss Battle – Memory of Alessa.

Memory of Alessa is quite a tough boss. She will come at you four different times with four different weapons. She first comes as you with a Knife, then a Handgun, then a Steel Pipe, and lastly a Submachine Gun.

Each time Alessa attacks, she will come straight up to you for a melee attack, even if she’s using a firearm. This does not mean Alessa will not use the firearms at range. If she does use a firearm from afar, use the horses on the carousel to put a buffer between you and her.

Unfortunately, while Alessa is walking up for a melee attack, she will not be open for attack. She will use the block technique to block all damage you do, including shots from firearms. Either try and get behind Alessa to deal some damage, or wait until she’s about to melee attack for an open shot. If you don’t use a Shotgun or Submachine Gun, you will most likely get hit by her attack while you hit her. Remember, the Bulletproof Vest will cut down the damage.

Beat her in under three minutes to unlock the Lost Memory achievement / trophy.

After the fight, a message will be left in blood. Get off the Carousel and walk down the hall into the Church of Silent Hill.