Silent Hill 3 HD Collection Walkthrough

Central Square Shopping Mall – Otherworld

You’ll quickly notice that the Shopping Mall has changed drastically. An upside is you won’t have to find a new map!

First Floor

There will be three Two Heads as soon as you enter this hallway. Kill them or run past them.

Inside the room across from the Men’s Washroom, you will find three Health Drink, an Ampule, and a Save Symbol.

Leave the employee section through the Northernmost door in the hallway, You will find yourself inside the Shopping Area again with two Closers. Locate and run to the storage room just to the left of the woman’s washroom near the north west corner of the building. Use your map to find it.

Inside the storage room you will find two boxes of Handgun Bullets, and a First-Aid Kit. Next to the door is a memo that tells you to turn off the light before leaving the room. Flick the switch to expose the location of a Flashlight. Investigate the light source to add it to your Items.

Head back into the Shopping Area and move East. Find a security gate that is only half closed. Investigate it to enter the next area.

This area contains a Closer and a Two Head. Duck into the only open shop, the security gate is half closed on its front door, just like the earlier clothes store. Examine the coat rack behind the mannequin in a green dress to find a Hanger. Toward the back of the store on another rack is a Bulletproof Vest. If you choose to equip it, it will absorb a lot of damage from enemies; however, it also slows you down significantly. Head back into the Shopping Area, and back to the hall with two Closers.

The Woman’s Washroom contains the item Bleach, collect it and go back into the hallway. On ‘Easy’ riddle difficulty, the bleach is not here as you will not need it.

Go into the shop next to the subway on the west side. There will be a ladder dangling above Heather’s head in this shop, use the Hanger to pull it down.

Second Floor

Head through the door to the left of the TV blaring static and into another Dress Shop with three Numb Bodys. Inside this room you can find two Health Drinks and Handgun Bullets. At the back of the shop is a door into the Employee Hallway.

This hall will have a Closer, so be careful. Head South and enter the door West of the elevator. Inside is a Walnut, a very important item. Head through the door in the back, use the Save Symbol, and walk up the escalators to the third floor.

Third Floor

Take the door immediately on the right into a Restaurant. Examine the dog on the table to receive the Cooked Key. There is also a First-Aid Kit and a Health Drink on the bar shelving at the back. Now head back into the Shopping Area.

If you go North you will find a Two Head guarding the North West wing of the hall. You can enter the Woman’s Washroom, but there is nothing inside.

You may notice a door with a crescent moon and a riddle written on it. A small indentation will be on the door, but you won’t be able to enter it just yet.

Head back down the escalator to the second floor.

Second Floor

You must now head into the Employee Hallway with a Closer inside. There is a locked door that you can use the Cooked Key on to gain access to a cafe.

There will be two Health Drinks on the bar when you walk in. Move to the right to find a Steel Pipe hanging from the ceiling with steam emitting from it. Head through the shop and into the Shopping Area.

Take the door on the East side into a shop and find the Detergent next to a sink. Again, if you’re playing on the Easy Riddle Difficulty, you will not need nor find this item. Head out the back through the blue door and follow the hallway until you find another blue door. Instead of going in it, examine the wall to the right and find a switch for the fan system. Turn it off and head through the blue door.

Look to Heather’s left to find a bucket. Stand in front of it and combine the Detergent and Bleach. Using them both here will kill all the bugs in the hall way. If you’re playing on Easy Riddle Difficulty, there will be no bugs here. Turn the fan system back on to vent the area. Head back through the blue door and continue down the hall.

At the end of the hall, you will find yet another blue door. North of that door, however, is a room containing three boxes of Handgun Bullets and Beef Jerky. Once you leave this room, continue North and take the door on the right when the hall splits.

This room will contain two Numb Bodys, ignore them and continue through into the Shopping Area. The shopping area will contain Pendulums, but ignore them and enter the shop next to a set of escalators. Watch your step!

This room will contain a Save Symbol, and a vice. Use the Walnut when in front of the Vice and you will crack it open to receive the Moonstone. Now that you have the Moonstone, you can open the door with the crescent moon on the third floor.

Third Floor

While standing in front of the crescent moon door, investigate it and read the poem. Use the Moonstone and you will unlock the door.

You will be in a room with a ladder, climb down it to find the first boss battle.

Boss Battle – Split Worm


Split Worm is a pretty simple boss. He will move in and out of one of six holes in the area. Three holes will be on one side and three holes will be on the other.

Keep your eyes open and use the Handgun when it opens up its mouth. The mouth is the weak point of the beast. Firing at the unexposed mouth will do no damage at all.

Beat him in under two minutes to unlock the Pest Control achievement / trophy.

When you finish the battle you will awaken in the Shopping Mall again. Continue straight forward to the escalators and go into Happy Burger for a save point, a first aid kit, and two hand gun bullets. Also near the back you will find beef jerky. After gathering them go to the escalator and you will be greeted Douglas Cartland again. After the cutscene, you’ll move into the Subway Station.