Silent Hill 3 HD Collection Walkthrough

Hilltop Center – Otherworld

You’re now in the Otherworld version of the Hilltop Center. Luckily, you don’t have to find another map. Just use the same old map to help you through this newly changed world.

Second Floor

Exit out through the door to find a wheelchair with a box of Handgun Bullets. Continue to the main area and enter the door to your left. Watch out for the Slurper, a new creature that can be pretty annoying.

This next room has a Save Symbol on the wall and a small memo on a table next to it. Head through the door on the right to start a cut scene with Heather and Vincent Smith.

After the cut scene you will be in the next room. Look on the shelf to the left to find two Health Drinks, a First-Aid Kit, an Ampoule, and most importantly a bottle of Oxydol. There’s also a middle school book on Chemistry. If you don’t read this guide further, this book will help out.

Unlock the door and return to the main hall. Use the North-Eastern elevator to go to the First Floor. Look out for any Two Heads that may have spawned in the hall.

First Floor

On the First Floor you’ll find a monster blocking the exit. Near the monster is the beginning of a Fairy Tale. Read it if you like.


Head into the Last Drop Cafe to find a Pork Liver in a refrigerator and a box of Shotgun Shells on a table. Keep an eye out for the Insane Cancer that will be in the way. Dodge or fight.

Head back to the elevator and go up to the Fifth Floor.

Fifth Floor

Get off the elevator and take the West door into the KMN Auto Parts hallway. The room in the South-West corner contains two boxes of Handgun Bullets and a Matchbook.

Exit back out to the hall way and head East and North until you reach the Art Gallery. Inside is a Save Symbol and a painting that wasn’t there before. Read the plaque under the painting for a hint on what to do next.

Combine the Oxydol, Pork Liver, and Matchbook and use it on the painting. It will open up a new door that heads down stairs.

Fourth Floor

Walk down the stairs and check the table to the left to find another part of the fairy tale.

Head into the Onestop Imports hallway. You can unlock the door leading into the main hall by the women’s washroom, but don’t go into the main area just yet. Look out for a few Slurpers in the hall on the way to the room on the South Eastern corner.

Inside this room is a First-Aid Kit and Handgun Bullets. Now go through the door and head West. There will be a Slurper and a Two Head in this hall, so be prepared. Go North through the hallway until you reach the room at the North Western corner.

Investigate the desk with a light on and a pile of coins. You’ll receive the Silver Coin which should be used immediately. Head to the back of the room and use the Silver Coin on the Vending Machine. A can will pop out with the Life Insurance Key inside.

Now go back down to the First Floor.

First Floor

Use the Life Insurance Key on the locked door to the West. Head South down the hall until you come to an open door. This room will hold the last part of the fairy tale. Read it to play a cut scene that kills the monster at the front door.

Exit the Hilltop Center and walk to the right until you find an alleyway to the Daisy Villa Apartments.