Silent Hill 3 HD Collection Walkthrough

Daisy Villa Apartments


Once you leave the Hilltop Center, head left and stay on the sidewalk. Continue heading this direction until you reach an alley. At the end of the alley is a door to the Daisy Villa Apartments.

Daisy Villa Apartments

As your apartment key says, you live in Apartment 102. This apartment is on the ground floor. It can be a bit tough to see the numbers on the doors, so keep going until the camera angle shifts to the front of the door. A Save Symbol can be found on the way down the hall just before your door.

When you reach your apartment door, use the House Key to go inside.

A short cut scene will play, followed by a boss battle.

Extra New Game - UFO Ending

If you have met the criteria for the UFO Ending, this is where your game will end.

Boss Battle – Missionary

Do not take Missionary lightly. This guy will block your fire arm shots from the front with its sword like hands. Of course, the hands aren’t for blocking only. Missionary will run at you and attack with these sharp hands, causing massive damage. Trying to run away while he’s chasing you will not work. Instead, allow him to start the attack, then run away before it lands. Get directly behind him when he starts the attack to deal some damage of your own.

The easiest way to defeat this guy is to TURN YOUR FLASHLIGHT OFF! With him being almost blind he needs the light to see you, if your flashlight is off it makes it much easier for you to sneak behind him and cause a lot of damage. It might take a couple of attempts (even on the easiest level) but it makes the whole process much easier.

Kill him in under two minutes to unlock the achievement / trophy Eye For an Eye.

After the fight, you will be in Heather’s father’s room. Head across the living room and into Heather’s Room where you will find a Stun Gun and two Stun Gun Battery in her dresser. Exit out the door near the Save Symbol to head to Silent Hill.