Silent Hill 3 HD Collection Walkthrough

Hilltop Center

When you arrive in the Hilltop Center from the Construction Site, you’ll enter through a window on the third floor.

Third Floor

The first room has nothing in it, so leave it and follow the right turns in the hallway until you reach the end. Enter the door at the end.

This room is a small room full of mannequins. Walk around the side to find two Health Drinks on a box. Exit back out of the room and enter the door on the right side of the hall.

Before checking out the rest of the building, lets grab the map for easy navigation. go straight down the hall and open the door at the end. Look right and enter the first door you see. Do not enter the door on the left, it is filled with nothing but monsters!

Dance Floor Office

The first thing you may notice inside this room is the Save Symbol. Save your game if you like. Pick up the Office Map on the small coffee table to the left of the Save Symbol to make your life a bit easier. You may also find a box of Handgun Bullets.

Investigate the desk to the right of the Save Symbol to find a slightly open drawer. If you’re playing on the Easy Riddle Difficulty, the drawer will be open with a Rope inside. If not, you’ll have to find something to open it up.

Dance Studio

To the North of the Dance Studio Office is the Dance Studio. There’s nothing of interest unless you want to fight a few monsters. Inside are two Two Heads and one Insane Cancer.

Locker Room

The last door to the South is the locker room. Inside are two Health Drinks and possibly Handgun Bullets in one of the lockers.

Now exit out to the main hall and look for a door with the EXIT sign above it. This leads to a stairwell. Head up to the Fifth Floor.

Fifth Floor

Once on the Fifth Floor, pass the elevators and enter the room to the North East. This room is the gallery of fine arts and leads to a short hall. Inside the hall is a Screwdriver at the Northern Tip. This is the item you need to open the drawer on the Third Floor. Before heading back, keep exploring. Head down the hall until you find a small storage room. Inside this room is the powerful, yet quick, Katana.

Next, go back to the main area of the Fifth Floor and enter the door to the Southern Hallway. Inside are a few Numb Bodys, so be prepared. Check the first door in the hallway running North to find an office containing two Health Drinks and a Jack. Unlock the door between KMN Auto Parts and the main hall for a quick exit back down to the Third Floor.

Third Floor

If you’re playing on the Easy Riddle Difficulty, you can skip this paragraph. Head back to the Dance Studio Office and use the Screwdriver on the partially open drawer. Inside is a Rope. Grab the rope and exit back out to the main area.

Head to the partially opened elevator here on the third floor. Use the Jack to open it up, and use the Rope to climb down.

Second Floor

Inside the main hall you can find a Save Symbol on a Cold Drinks Machine. Save your game if you like and head to the only open door in this area. The door will be on the Western part of this floor. Inside the room will be a pack of Beef Jerky. Enter the next room to the North and through another room to the North. This room will be a small closet with a bathtub in the middle. Investigate the tub to enter the Otherworld.