Silent Hill 3 HD Collection Walkthrough

Central Square Shopping Mall

Heather will wake up inside of a mall restaurant. A short cut scene will play with Heather Mason and Douglas Cartland from the start. As soon as you can control Heather, use the Save Symbol inside the Girls Restroom, unless you’re trying for the Makes My Head Hurt Achievement / Trophy.

Examine the window at the back to duck out into the back alley. Turn right and enter the first door you come to on your right.

Extra New Game - Unlimited Submachine Gun

If you met the criteria for the Unlimited Submachine Gun, you can get it here. Take a left after climbing out the window and examine the pile of trash at the end of the alley to find it.

First Floor

Now that you’re back inside the mall, turn right and follow the hall until it ends with a set of double doors. Take the doors out of the employees area and back into the mall. Towards the end of the hall will be a shop with its shutter closed half way. Investigate the door to enter and find the Handgun and a Closer. After a short cutscene, take the two boxes of Handgun Bullets on the bench. Take the door at the back of the room into the employee hallway.

From this area, turn right and take an immediate left to find the Shopping Mall Map on a bulletin board in front of the elevators. Take the door marked exit and head upstairs.

Second Floor

Keep heading East, and the third door on Heather’s right will contain a Two Head and Beef Jerky. Return to the hall to find a Numb Body.

The last door on the right will be a storeroom containing two Health Drinks, a box of Handgun Bullets, as well as a Save Symbol. This room also contains a key at the back of the room underneath a few boxes. Leave it for now until you can get an item to grab it.

Extra New Game - Beam Saber

If you met the criteria for the Beam Saber you can get it here. Pass the room with the Save point and examine the door at the end of the hall. The doorknob is actually the Beam Saber!

Leave through the most Southern door and into the square shaped Shopping Area. Head into “Helen’s Bakery” and retrieve a Pair of Tongs, now you can head back into the employee hallway where you started and grab the key!

Extra New Game - Flamethrower

If you met the criteria for the Flamethrower you can get it here. It is on the counter in the bakery next to the flyer.

Head back to the room with the key. Use the Pair of Tongs to obtain the Key Taken With Tongs. Examine it to see the key belongs to the store “Bestsellers.” Head back into the hall and you will be greeted by two newly spawned Numb Bodys.

Head back to the square shaped shopping area, but lookout for the two Closers. Unlock and enter the shop “Bestsellers” with the new key. Behind the counter you will find two boxes of Handgun Bullets. On the floor in the aisle to the right will be Shakespeare Anthology 1, Shakespeare Anthology 2, Shakespeare Anthology 3, Shakespeare Anthology 4, and Shakespeare Anthology 5 (On the Easy Riddle Difficulty, there will only be two volumes you have to retrieve). Pick up all the volumes for the next puzzle. Before taking on the puzzle, you may want to go behind the counter and find a memo taped to the right of the locked door. This memo will help you solve the Shakespeare Puzzle.

If you need help, see the Riddle and Puzzle Solutions page for the answer on all riddle difficulties. Use the code on the keypad to unlock the door in the back of the store.

After unlocking and leaving through the door, you will have your first run in with Claudia. After the cut scene, use the elevator near the end of the hall. Another short cut scene will play, and something will drop from the ceiling when the elevator stops moving. Investigate it to receive the Radio. The elevator doors will open, and you will now be in the Otherworld version of the Central Square Shopping Mall.