Silent Hill 3 HD Collection Walkthrough

Church of Silent Hill

After leaving the carousel in the Lakeside Amusement Park, you’ll walk down a long corridor to the church. You can read the notes on the walls that are written in blood if you like. Enter the door to start a cut scene.

After the cut scene, you can find a Save Symbol in the book near the altar. Look on the altar to find the Eye of Night Tarot Card.

Go through the door to the right and you’ll notice a drawing on the wall. Use this to make a map of the area.

Here’s the complete map for easy navigation:


Walk into the confessional box next to the map and investigate the opening. The woman on the other side (there’s much speculation on who it is) will ask for forgiveness in a cut scene. After the scene, choose to forgive her or say nothing.

This box will help out a lot when trying to get a specific ending on extra playthroughs. If you’re trying for the Normal Ending, don’t forgive the woman. If you’re trying for the Possessed Ending, forgive her. This only HELPS towards the endings, it will not guarantee them.

Into the Church

Delve deep into the church and you’ll find a few monsters. The first monster you encounter will be a Closer in a small room. There’s nothing in the room, so you can run past it and move on.

Walk down the hall and you’ll find an Insane Cancer sitting in the corner. Kill him to get into the room behind him!

Vincent’s Room

This bedroom contains a few great items. You can find two boxes of Handgun Bullets on the shelf, a Cassette Tape on the desk, and a book with info on the Save Symbol.

When you’re ready, head back into the hall.

Another Insane Cancer will be in the way to the next room. Enter the next hall and enter the room at the end.


This next room is called the “Belfry.” It has a giant Save Symbol in the middle of the room. Save your game again it you like.

Head back out into the hall you just walked through. You may have heard a little girl crying on the way through. Look at the painting in the hall and wait for bloody steps to reach the painting. When they get there and the crying stops, investigate the painting to find a hidden door.

The otherside will leave you to an L shaped hallway with a Scraper. The Scraper is just like the boss Missionary, but it’s much weaker. Dodge it or kill it, then enter the library at the end of the hall.


The library has two open books on two shelves. Read them if you like, they may interest you. The most important thing is the Moon Tarot Card on a desk in the back. Grab it to start a cut scene. After the cut scene, he’ll give you the Book: Otherworld Laws.

Head back into the hall and enter the steel cage towards the entrance. This cage is actually an elevator.

Basement Floor 2

Northern Hall

This second floor will be just like the floor above at first. It’s L shaped with two open doors. Enter the door to the right of the elevator before going the other way.

Walk down to the end of the hall and enter the door. Inside will be a ton of wrapped dead bodies. You can find a box of Shotgun Shells to the right, but the most important item is the Hanged Man Tarot Card in the middle.

Exit out to the hall and take the other path. It will lead to a small room that looks exactly like Harry’s. A diary will be on the bed and two Stun Gun Batteries will be on the night stand.

Go back into the hall way to find a few newly spawned Scrapers. Run or fight your way back to the hall with the Elevator. This time take the door to the South.

Southern Hall

Once you walk through the door you should find two Pendulums in the air. A bit further down the hall is a Scraper, too. Head all the way to the last door at the end to proceed.

Enter the first door to the left. Inside are two Closers. Decide to run or fight, and keep moving to the other.

The next hall is a dead end. You may hear another girl crying and see bloody foot prints. Wait until the foot prints make it to the wall, then investigate to find a hidden hallway to a room.

This room contains a very important book with the Fool Tarot Card. It’s not important just because of the card, but the information is necessary to completing the game. Grab the Ampoule and the box of Handgun Bullets before leaving.

Go all the way back to the hall past the Closers. A few Insane Cancers will spawn in the first hall, and some more Closers may have spawned in the Closer room.

This time, take the hall all the way to the end.

Alessa’s Room

Inside Alessa’s Room you’ll find a Save Symbol, a sketch book with some info inside, and a notepad memo on the desk. The more important things are the Brass Key on the wall and the door at the other end of the room. You won’t be able to open the door just yet, but when you do, you’ll have to solve a riddle. A hint to the riddle is in the sketch book.

Grab the Brass Key on the wall to the right of the Save Symbol. This key opens up a door all the way back near the Confession Box.

Make a quick trip all the way back to the locked room. You’ll fight a few newly spawned monsters on the way, so always be prepared! There won’t be any more Health items either.

Locked Hallway

This Locked Hall Way has a few rooms attached to it.


The first room in the hall will be a classroom. Nothing important is in it, but you will find notes about Alessa.

Exit out and head to the next room.

L.S.’s Room

This room on the West side of the hall will have a memo written by someone named L.S. on the desk. You will also find a tape player on the book shelf. Use the Cassette Tape here to listen to a short conversation.

The room across the hall has nothing but a couple of Scrapers. You may want to avoid that room. Head to the last room on the West side.

Claudia’s Room

The last room is Claudia’s Room. On the bed is the last Tarot Card, the High Priestess Tarot Card. Her diary can be found on her bookshelf, and a birthday card from Alessa is on her desk.

Now that we have all the tarot cards, head back to Alessa’s room to solve the puzzle.

Alessa’s Room

The Tarot Card Puzzle can be pretty difficult. There will be different answers depending on your riddle difficulty. Read the sketchbook on the bed for help on solving the puzzle. If you can’t figure it out, see the Riddle and Puzzle Solutions page.

Unlock the door and head into the church to initiate a cut scene.

Church of Silent Hill

After the cut scene with Vincent and Claudia, you may be stuck if you weren’t paying attention to the memos. Use the the Pendant that Heather has been carrying since the start of the game to start up another cut scene. After the scene, jump down the hole at the end of the walk way for the final boss battle.

Boss Battle – God

God only has two or three attacks, making it easy to develop a strategy from trial and error. The first two are basic melee attacks. It will swipe its claw straight out at you, which can cover a pretty long distance. The other melee attack is a headbutt.

Of course, you can keep your distance with firearms, but it has one other attack up its sleeve. God can make fire run through the small arena you’re battling in. If you stick to the furthers area from God, moving left to right or vice versa will usually keep you away from the flames. Moving inward will make the flames follow you and bring you in for a melee attack.

To defeat God you must weaken it and lower its head. There are two ways to force it to lower its head. You can either shoot it to force it to lower its head, or you can melee attack it when its hip starts jutting outward. Do not try to melee attack it at any other time.

Once the head is down, attack with either a melee attack or firearms. Your melee attacks will leave you open to its melee attacks, and firearms will cause it to use its fire attack.

Use whatever you have to take it down in the same fashion over and over. If you can defeat it in under eight minutes, you’ll unlock the Blasphemy achievement / trophy.

Unlock the Unlimited Submachine Gun

If the VERY LAST hit on god is made with a melee weapon, you will unlock the Unlimited Submachine Gun in Extra New Game. Try to weaken her as much as possible with fire arms, then deal damage with the Katana