Alan Wake Walkthrough

A complete guide to Alan Wake, including the two DLC Expansion Packs.

This guide was written a long time ago. The grammar may be a bit off, and I plan to update it in the future. I hope to put it in a Wiki Format as well. The original guide can be found at this link on


Alan Wake is a self proclaimed “Psychological Thriller” and known by some as a survival horror. It uses a modified engine (MAX-FX 3.0) named the Alan Wake Engine. It uses Havok physics. It was developed by Remedy Entertainment and published by Microsoft Game Studios. The native resolution of Alan Wake is 720p. It was released on the xbox 360 only on May 18, 2010 for North America, May 14, 2010 for Europe, and May 20, 2010 for Australia. It is rated BBFC: 15, PEGI: 16+, and ESRB: T. It is single player only and set in third person mode.

There are two versions of the game that can be bought in stores. The regular version and the limited edition. The limited edition is the standard version along with:

  • Exclusive in-game audio commentary and hints by Remedy
  • “The Alan Wake Files” – 144 page book that includes a short story written by Alan Wake and compiles the FBI dossiers investigating the events in Bright Falls, WA
  • Exclusive Audio Disc with soundtrack and score
  • Game Add-On Token redeemable on Xbox LIVE for the first Alan Wake add-on content pack (Also available for the regular version if bought brand new)
  • Exclusive Xbox Disc with special content: Alan Wake Xbox LIVE Theme and Alan Wake Avatar for Xbox LIVE

Alan Wake takes place in Bright Falls, Washington