Special 2 – The Writer

You start the special with a small previous cut scene like usual. After the scenes you will be at a familiar place, the garden maze near the clinic. Your objective is to find a way Barry. Turn around to find a wheel with a green light on it. Use it to move a street light. You must swing the street light towards the right. There will be a word that says “crumble.” Swing the light towards it to open a hole in the wall and move on. Go through the hole to receive a checkpoint.

Walk forward to see a flashlight. Pick up the heavy-duty lantern and turn around to find the word “surprise.” Place your light on the word and a poltergeist object will break through the little shack. Boost your light on the object to destroy it. Inside the shack are the words “climb,” “reload,” and “recharge.” Use your light on all of them to get batteries and ammo inside and a ladder outside of the shack.

Climb the ladder and walk across the ledge on the top. At the end of the ledge you’ll reach another hole in a wall. Walk through the hole to find another word, “recharge.” Grab the batteries that come out of the word and walk around the bushes to find another word, “pump” on a statue. A pump action shotgun will appear. Grab the shotgun so you now have a weapon and flashlight. There will now be a small fork in the maze. Take the left path to find a Nightsprings Video Game.

You can collect ten for an achievement. Now head back and take the right path. You’ll find Barry on the other side of a gate.

Go through the gate to talk with Barry. He’ll tell you to find Zane next. Head towards your objective. You’ll reach the clinic and find fireworks all over. A Taken assault will come your way. You should see a large structure with TVs and Barry on top. To the right of the structure is a word, “tools.” Destroy the word to pick up a revolver. There’s revolver and shotgun ammo right next to it. You can use the fireworks to weaken the Taken but they will not dye from them. Use your weapons to kill them all and survive the assault. Once they’re all dead you can head inside the clinic through the front door. To the right of the front door, still on the outside, is another “recharge” word. Destroy it to get some more batteries and head inside.

Inside you’ll find Barry and some poltergeist objects. Talk to him for a bit and look at the fire place near the poltergeist objects to find a Nightsprings Video Game.

Grab it and head outside to talk to Zane. Listen to Zane and head down the stairs. To your left around the corner you’ll find another Nightsprings Video Game.

Grab it and head towards the manuscript page that Zane gave you. If you can’t find it, hold down the left stick to zoom to it. When you pick it up you’ll find many words. Destroy the word “clear” to heard Zane speak some more and set your path. Destroy the words “rock” and “boat” to make those object appear. Jump from rock to rock until you reach the boat. Jump on the boat and destroy the little anchor that’s in the front of it. The boat will take off towards the next few words, “float” and “tools.” A dock will appear along with some ammo and batteries. Walk forward to find the next word, “cabin,” which you must destroy. Enter the small cabin. Inside you will see the cabin spin. Walk on the walls and eventually ceiling and make sure the objects inside the cabin don’t hit and hurt you. Walk out the hole at the top when you can reach it to continue UNLESS YOU DO NOT HAVE THE NEXT VIDEO GAME. If you do not have the next Nightsprings Video Game. Then you need to stay in the cabin until it makes a full circle. Exit out the hole so you’re at the area where the boat was. Go up the tree to the right so you can see the video game on the rooftop of the cabin like in the picture.

Wait until the house is almost completely right side up and jump on the roof top to grab the video game.

On the outside you’ll find another TV talking and a manuscript page. Read the page to bring up many “bridge” words and two “path” words. Reveal all the bridges to bring up different things like ramps and a bus. Jump on one to reach the two “path” words you can destroy. One path is easy to reach while the other is a bit tough. If you can navigate through this area in 60 seconds then you will earn an achievement. Jump on any object, I preferred the bus, to reach the first path. Walk up the path and you’ll encounter a big Taken. Take him out and reach the top. At the top you’ll find another word marked “tools.” Destroy it to reveal a revolver. Now jump on to another flying object to reach the next path. Climb up the ladder and enter the train car at the top. You’ll find a small poltergeist object at the end, destroy it and move on. You should see a few “rock” words. Destroy those and jump from rock to rock to reach a giant hollow log that you can walk inside.

Inside the long you’ll hear Zane again. Walk forward to find the words “recharge,” “reload,” and “flare.” Destroy them to get some supplies and head to the end of the log. On the outside you’ll find tons of “roll” words. Destroy them and explosive barrels will roll down the sides of the hills. If they hit any Taken that appear then they should die instantly. Walk down the hill and to the right. You should reach a log that extends to a wooden door like in the forest parks earlier in the game. There will be another “tools” word that gives you supplies. Walk around the path to find two more words, “fireworks” and “hole.” Fireworks gives you flares and hole falls into a well. Drop a flare into the well and a hole will appear on the side of the pipeline.

Enter the pipeline and navigate to a hole. Jump down the hole and proceed forward. You’ll encounter a few taken, mostly regular Taken. There are pathways to your left where more taken will appear including a big Taken with a chainsaw. If he gets too close you can use a flare. Kill all of the enemies and take the path to the left and down another hole. You’ll find a TV with a small bit of dialogue. Enter the next room and it will start to spin. You’ll find moments from the game as you move forward from room to room. Keep going until you reach the vault with the clicker in it. If you move forward into the vault you will eventually find an elevator to the next part of the chapter.

Press the button in the elevator to talk to Zane and arrive at Stucky’s Gas Station. In the gas station you’ll find a hunting rifle, rifle ammo, batteries, and shotgun ammo. Exit out the front door to find a bunch of “Boom!” words floating around. If you destroy them they will burst like a flashbang. They could set off a chain reaction of other Boom! Words and propane tanks. Taken will swarm around you. First thing you should do is go right. You’ll find the dear parade float. Keep going back and to the right to find an old bed with a Nightsprings Video Game on it.

After you pick it up head to the left of the gas station entrance (the right if you’re looking directly at the gas station) to find the break in the fence and the street light safe haven.

Walk up the log to find a “reload” word. Destroy it to find shotgun and rifle ammo. You should see many “wire” words floating around. You should also see the “bridge” word. Destroy all of them to reach a generator behind Stucky’s Gas Station. Start the generator to activate the log lift. Use the log lift to create a bridge to the other side. Move on and you’ll hear from Zane. You should reach a bridge with a few cars on it. Walk around the right side of the big rig with logs on the back. You should find another Nightsprings Video Game on the other side

Walk to the left end of the bridge to find “tools” floating in the air. Destroy the word to reveal ammo and batteries. Walk up a few sets of stairs to reach the top. You will encounter a few Taken along the way. When you reach the top you’ll find three flashbangs in front of some TVs. Along the bridge are a few “Boom!” and “Crumble” words. Booms are the flashbangs and Crumble will drop a car from the sky and break pieces of the bridge apart. Uses these to your advantage to fight the Taken. At the end of the bridge Zane will make you a bridge out of a tree to continue on.

At the end of the tree you’ll find the word “tools.” Destroy the word to get supplies and continue on. Not far from the “tools” word is the “rock” word which will help you get across a gap. Before crossing the gap look to your left to see a giant orange structure. To the right of the structure near a tree is a Nightsprings Video Game

Now head back and walk across the rock. Not far off are some wooden platforms that make a bridge. Walk up them and you will encounter some Taken. There should be a strong Taken in front of you, a regular one to the side and up a rock, and a few regular Taken behind you. Take them out and use a flare if you get overwhelmed. You should see the words “Flash” up high. Destroy the words to turn on these weird looking search lights. They will help out a bit. As you move on up you will encounter a few more taken and eventually some birds. The search lights will help a lot against the birds, but if they’re not helping enough then you can use a flare. Continue on until you reach some TVs that talk to you.

Walk across a few hanging wooden planks. Make sure you don’t fall off. A Taken or two will climb up and try to kill you, kill them first. At the end you’ll find a “rock” word floating. Destroy the word to create a rock so you can move on. You should now see a room you can enter. Enter the room to see a real time scene with Dr. Hartman. Listen for awhile and use the tape recorder when he highlights it.

Next you need to exit out the door, walk through the tunnel, and up some rocks. At the top of the rocks you’ll find more supplies and the word “tremor.” Destroy the word to tilt the wings of an old plane towards you. Jump on the wings and cross them to the other side. At the bottom you’ll encounter tons of Taken. Inside the plane is another Nightsprings Video Game

In this area you can find a secret area for another achievement. There’s a hole to the left of the wing on the airplane. Follow the hole down until you reach a cave.

Turn around and head towards the marker on your compass. You’ll encounter a few more Taken. Reach the safe haven to get more supplies and talk to Zane. Zane will give you another manuscript page that gives you the words “memory” and “ignite.” Memory gives you a little dialogue from Alice, Ignite turns the lighthouse on, and the light will hit the word “bridge” which brings up a bridge.

Move on and you’ll find some TVs with Alan on them. Taken will appear behind some giant rocks. Look for the words “clear” behind the rocks and destroy them. The rocks will break down and the light from the lighthouse will destroy the Taken. It’s possible to get another achievement here. Reach the lighthouse without firing any of your guns and you will unlock the achievement. You can use flares and flashbangs. Continue on and do the same thing over and over. More Taken will appear each time so make sure you don’t get overwhelmed. If there are too many and the light from the lighthouse doesn’t reach you fast enough you can use a flare. Don’t use your gun until you reach the lighthouse if you want to get an achievement.

Once you reach the lighthouse you will be safe. Walk around the back to find a Nightsprings Video Game on a red chair.

Now enter the lighthouse. Climb up the stairs and reach the top. You’ll find a word that says “return.” Destroy the word to reveal another ladder you can climb up. Climb up to see a cutscene and arrive and diver’s isle.

Before you make your way to the cabin you should climb up the hill behind you. At the top you’ll find a Nightsprings Video Game.

Now head back down to the starting point and destroy the word “bridge” to make a bridge. Walk up and around the bridge and talk to Barry. At the end of the bridge you’ll have to face him. Use your light to destroy Barry and open up the gate to the cabin. You’ll find some ammo and batteries here. Take all you can hold and get read to face some more people. There will be black good on the floor so don’t step on any or it will hurt you. You will face Dr. Hartman and the Odin Brothers as fast boss taken. Use your hunting rifle if you still have it or the pump action shotgun. There will be some birds flying around too. After those two you must face Barry. Barry will die about three times before he is really gone. If you kill all of them without your health dropping to the lowest bar then you will earn an achievement. Enter the cabin to watch a cutscene and finish the special.